sdiaries2.gifHave you ever thought about what goes on behind the doors of a glossy and music video shoot? How do they pull off such chic, but sometimes daring looks….. a fashion stylist that’s how. Though most just think a fashion stylist has to be able to pull some cute pieces off of the sample rack, throw them on their client and their job is complete. Well, stylist know that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Interestingly, there are thousands of aspiring stylist roaming the streets, but most have no inside connect to get them in the door. That’s is why we wanted to find out more about them. Their likes, dislikes, struggles and accomplishments while trying to break into the competitive industry of styling. Meet our first upcoming stylist, Frances Armand.

When did you decide to become a stylist?
I decided to become a stylist when I had the opportunity to study in Japan for a semester in college. I helped my host brother with selecting clothes for his boutique. At that moment I knew that this what I wanted to do.

What has been your biggest challenge in breaking into the industry?
My biggest challenge has been building relationships. Building relationships is key to being a stylist. Finding a photographer who wants to work with you is vital when trying to build a good portfolio.

How did you know styling was your calling?
I knew styling was my calling when I interned for a designer. I was the visual Display Merchandiser of the showroom.

frances11.gifIf you could style one person who would it be? I would love to style Missy Elliot. I would love to see her in couture.

For those who don’t really know what a fashion stylist is and their duties could you break it down for us?
A fashion stylist is a person who can bring to life a photographer or director’s vision for a fashion photo shoot, music video, print advertisement, and commercial. Some of the duties include finding the right clothes, accessories, sometimes model, and props to fit the theme of the shoot.

What trends or styles do you predict popping up in 2008?
Vintage 1930, feminine, you will see dresses, belts, and trousers.

Where/who do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from family and movies.

What websites are a must for you daily?
Style.com, The Daily

What piece of clothing should every women have in their closet and why?
A knockout dress she can wear to work, after work, and weekends. Just accessorize!

For men, who’s style do you dig most?

What item should every stylist own?
Every stylist should own a small traveling sewing kit and tape.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to become a stylist?
(1) Look at different fashion magazines, (2) try to work with a stylist and (3) don’t be discouraged and remember to put God first.

Styling By Frances ArmandStyling By Frances Armand

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  • ms lynn (hair stylist)

    hey girl congrads from cali, i need that silver tight fiting dress with the back out in a size 7. how about that!

  • LLayne

    Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad that you are living your dream. I LOVE that DRESS you’re wearing. You look fantastic. I’m thankful that you keep in touch and share updates.

    God Bless You!