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  • Arthur

    Is that an ashy knee in JHud’s photo?

  • Arthur

    Oh and Rih did make me look twice. She cant sing but she made me look twice.

  • Arthur

    Oh and Mary J looked good too

  • ceecee

    what was Jennifer thinking?
    Her face looks over made up as well :)

  • AndILoveIT

    To be honest I didn’t like much of what people choose to wore.

    The best by far isn’t even on this list. The best dressed of the night was SuChin Pak the VJ who wore a dress in the same style as Rihanna but with a WAY better cut and fit then Rihanna’s. The print was amazing and it fit just right. I think Rihanna’s makeup was amazing, I love the light brow dark hair combo but her dress wasn’t the best by far.

    Worst dressed goes to Beyonce. Yikes. She needs a new stylist for real. This is a young girl who doesn’t know how to dress to look like she is under 50. Then when she tries it looks trashy and forced. And we wont go to her long curl ponytail. Seriously Beyonce is pretty but she dress horribly. B let me help you out.

    Wait worst dressed goes to Solange. No words.