bill-cosby-ctf.JPG(UPI) — Entertainer Bill Cosby Sunday said many ills in U.S. black families can be traced to children raised without fathers, many of whom are incarcerated. Cosby appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor Alvin Poussaint — with whom he co-authored the new book “Come On, People, on the Path from Victims to Victors.” The Emmy-winning comedian said children in single-parent homes often don’t get the guidance they need.

“If you have this as generational, fatherless situation — unwed father or whatever — but the male is not there, then it registers on another person — on the child — as abandonment,” Cosby said.

One-quarter of black American males reportedly are under the supervision of the U.S. criminal justice system. Poussaint said many U.S. fathers “don’t even know what to do as a father because many of them grew up in homes that were fatherless.” “I think a lot of these males kind of have a father hunger, and actually grieve that they don’t have a father,” said Poussaint. “I think, later, a lot of that turns into anger — why aren’t you with me?”

Source: United Press International

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  • Nicole

    The question is what are we going to do to break this cycle?..

  • leslie

    This is SUCH a sticky topic…we have to look at the mothers who pick selfish men to have a child or children with….most of the time we saw the signs that he was no good and WE chose to ignore and then you know the rest…..

    We have to blame THEIR mother and father for how they raised them….

    We have to blame them for not taking care of their responsibilities….SIGH!!!

    I can go on and on….just sad…

  • ElecticSoul

    ^^^ I concur. Very sticky topic. hhhhgh…just sad.

  • Nai

    This issue is more than sticky. It is thick, sticky, and stanky. A strong, educated, family orientated BLACK MAN is a threat.

    It is an issue that steams so far back. It is older than any of our oldest living ancestors.

    HAVE U SEEN CLAUDINE?! Get that black lady on welfare, get that black man out of the house, don’t let him come through, make that black lady feel like she don’t need him, send him out to the street, let him make another baby and the same thing happens. Let him be stuck with child support payments that he will never be able to afford to pay. Let him become a bum, and a winno, and a no good black man. Let us not respect him even when he tries the best way he knows how, after all, his mama was on WELFARE!!!!

    In my opinion, the first step to breaking this cycle, is to learn how to at least RESPECT one another.

    In a day, how many smiles do you get from a fellow BLACK person when the two of you lock eyes?
    How many youngstas do you see stop what they are doing to help an Elderly? How many neighbors still chatise another neighbors child when he/she is out of line without fear that the parent will lash out at them for “saying something to their child”!! We need to get some “GET RIGHT”

    In my opinion, the first thing to do, to try and break this cycle, is to simply learn to really RESPECT each other. How many smiles do you get when you lock eyes with a fellow BLACK PERSON,
    How many youngsters around these days will stop what they are doing to help an elderly?
    How many neighbors chatise their neighbors kids when they are out of line?
    We gotta get some RESPECT!!