For the health conscious fashionista, Crush Groove Cosmetics introduces mineral make up that gives us not only the appearance of flawless skin but make up that is actually healthy for our skin. With no animal by-products, talc, titanium dioxide or synthetic colors, Crush Groove Cosmetics uses organic and vegan ingredients. Concentrated minerals that don’t dissolve in water or oil allows this mineral makeup to keep us looking radiant all throughout the day and is compatible for all skin types. Crush Groove makes customizing your color so easy by offering 36 shades to choose from or by matching your current foundation.

Creating wonderful facial cleansers and treatments like “Sweet Tea Herbal Makeup Remover”, “Coco Veggie Wrap Gentle Facial Cleanser” and “Remix ‘Herbalicios’ Face Serum, Crush Groove Cosmetics allows us to bring the spa into our homes, rewarding us with a healthy treat for our skin!

For more information on Crush Groove Cosmetics please log-on to www.crushgroovecosmetics.com


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  • Product Girl

    I haven’t heard of this line before – thanks!

  • PNB

    Just don’t use to much, even if it is good. So not attractive. In my opinion make up actually puts away some men.

  • mineralizeitnow

    I am currently using this mineral line. I’ve never seen a mineral makeup line that is so concentrated. I guess this is what happens when you don’t use a lot of fillers. It wears great, and you cannot tell that you are wearing makeup, I don’t agree with a lot of makeup either-it should be worn to compliment your complexion or cetain look. It’s natural, the colors are great!!! Crush Groove Rocks!!!