qlatifah.jpgNEW YORK – Queen Latifah says the definition of beauty is changing. “Beauty is not just a white girl. It’s so many different flavors and shades,” the 37-year-old rapper-actress tells People magazine in its latest issue. “It’s good for regular girls because the meter (for beauty) has been a slim white girl.”

“(In Hollywood) we’ve definitely gotten better with body type,” she says. “It used to be just me! Now with Jennifer Hudson’s success and America Ferrera, I got some successors to take the reins on this whole bodylicious thing.” Latifah describes herself as being voluptuous — “definitely curvaceous.”

“I think I’m normal compared to the statistics,” she says. “This is a big country nowadays.” The star of “Chicago” and other films says she had elective breast-reduction surgery in 2003 to alleviate years of back and shoulder pain. “I didn’t want to get it. But I had lost 25 pounds and my breasts didnÂ’t go anywhere! I was still carrying that load,” she tells the magazine. However, “I didn’t quite want them to be this small,” she laughs.

Before surgery, Latifah says she was “an E or an F cup. I was pretty big. Now IÂ’m like a DD. I wanted to be a triple. They took one D too many! So that was hard to deal with. … I missed my old look.” Latifah says she isn’t interested in more surgery. “There are people who love (plastic surgery) and want to cut and chop anything. I’m like, `Y’all are crazy!'”

Source: AP

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  • Nicole

    Good for her!! Its about time Hollywood starts to recgonize that being skin and bones is not a good look. I am tired of seeing movies where everyone casted is the same size..Shouldn’t people be picked for a role based on their acting ability?!