clutchlogo.jpgWe can not believe that 2007 is over! This year we have interviewed/featured so many people. Everyone from A-list celebrities to underground trendsetters have graced the online pages of Clutch in 2007.

Everyday someone new discovers Clutch and most think we are just a blog. But, like most of you know – we are not a blog, but an online magazine on a mission. A mission to empower, inform and educate, while still being able to stay relevant and fly.

We wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite interviews and features of 2007. We would have loved to list each and every one of our articles and features, but if we did we would be here all day. So – be sure to check out our back issues to view past issues. Look below for just some of our wonderful interviews and features of 2007.

And of course…look for an even better 2008 and thanks for making 2007 such a great year for us! We are truly grateful.

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and so many more!

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  • Jasmina

    To the Clutch staff – you all have done a fantastic job with the magazine and I wish you continued success and blessings into the new year! Keep it coming ’cause I’m a regular reader now!

  • octavia

    Congratulations on a very successful year Clutch!
    I stalk your site regularly as a lot of other ladies and I know you will go ahead to higher heights in 2008.

  • Vionne

    Thank you Clutch for a fabulous year! This is truly a great magazine that relates to me and my friends. Clutch is where we all go to find out the latest in news, fashion, beauty, etc for our daily lives. We look forward to Clutch in 2008!!

  • Cola

    Clutch this has been a great year and I know 2008 will be even better. I love your site and brag about it to everyone I know! :)