logo6.jpgAfrican Doctor Heals with Solar Energy
How do you work to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria without power? “With great difficulty,” answers Dr. Kobina Atobrah, who is working with colleagues to provide dependable and reliable power to run clinics in remote areas. Originally from Ghana, Dr. Atobrah holds degrees from Princeton University and is a systems engineer and chairman of Geomatric Technology Corp. in Asburn, Va. He works with Charles Bigelow, who holds a degree in nuclear physics and is president of Light Speed Power of Boyce, Va. Bigelow has been working on support of medical facilities utilizing solar and wind power in Papua New Guinea. (Continue Reading…)

Black men must reclaim our children
As the alleged killers of Sean Taylor were shown on television via their mug shots, I kept wondering when we were going to see their parents step forward. I saw a couple of mothers, but their dads were missing in action. Dads matter, and it’s ridiculous for us to act as if all it takes is a loving mom. Now, I don’t know what it means not to have a father in your life. I’m not familiar with a mom being strung out on a crack binge. And when my parents were called to the school when there was a discipline problem, Mom and Dad didn’t go off on the teacher or principal. In fact, I can still feel the pain of my elementary school principal’s paddle being applied to my butt when I acted a fool. The principal only could pop me three times. Dad? He had no limit. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Leading Democrats In Internet Traffic
According to Compete.com, visits to Obama’s website jumped 13 percent to pull in 318,179 unique visitors in November, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 10 percent drop to 289,615 unique visitors. (Continue Reading…)

Rihanna Ordered to Shut Up and Rest
Perhaps Rihanna was caught out in that London rain without her umbrella. The 19-year-old Barbados native has been forced to cancel three U.K. gigs on the advice of her doctor, who wants the “Shut Up and Drive” singer to slow down for a few days. Saturday’s show in Nottingham, England, was the first casualty, with concerts Monday in Birmingham and Tuesday in Bournemouth the next to be crossed off her schedule. (Continue Reading…)

Hero’s welcome for Mugabe
A hero’s welcome was being prepared yesterday for Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, with state media portraying his visit to Portugal for a weekend summit as a triumph despite the criticism he faced there over his human rights record. Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s only ruler since independence from Britain in 1980, was “an indisputable icon of African nationalism” who took centre stage at the summit and made “some of the European heads of government and his detractors including Angela Merkel look like dwarfs,” information minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, the chief government spokesman, was quoted as saying in state media today. (Continue Reading…)

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