logo7.jpgWhether or not ‘Girlfriends’ gets a ninth season, Mara Brock Akil has a game plan
At a time when black sitcoms are losing their luster, the eighth season of “Girlfriends” is worth noting. The CW comedy about three close-knit L.A. gal pals is the longest-running live-action comedy currently airing on prime time network television. Though like other UPN transplants on the CW, it has never hit Nielsen’s top 100, “Girlfriends” is the second highest-rated comedy among black viewers (bested only by its 2-year-old spin-off, “The Game”). (Continue Reading…)

TV One: A Network for Blacks With Sense of Mission
Fortified by caffeine and good will, the volunteer construction crew at Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Brooklyn worked long hours to transform a dingy storage area into the Kingdom Cafe. The hammering and plastering created a restaurant and gathering spot for young people at this Pentecostal church in the struggling East New York neighborhood. As for the lights and camera, they were there for “Divine Restoration,” a TV One program that finds black churches needing a makeover and turns the process into television. (Continue Reading…)

After Oprah, Will Smith for Obama?
After Oprah Winfrey’s weekend campaign tour for Barack Obama, actor Will Smith tells the New York Post’s Page Six that he has contacted the Illinois senator to offer his services as a surrogate campaigner. “Yeah. I opened it up to him. I just gave him a call and asked him to tell me wherever you think you need me. I think he’s what the future of America is going to be. Barack represents what I feel is the future of the optimum survival of America,” Smith told the Post. (Continue Reading…)

Civil rights leaders urge aid for housing crisis
Rev. Jesse Jackson and other U.S. civil rights leaders converged on Wall Street on Monday to demand the government and the financial community step up aid to stem a home-loan foreclosure crisis. At a rally in lower Manhattan, activists said homeowners needed more help to restructure their loans and avoid losing their houses. “We’re standing to stop an economic tsunami,” Jackson told a crowd of more than 200 people. “Our government has an obligation, not only to borrowers but to the economy itself.” (Continue Reading…)

Black-Owned Radio Group Slams Arbitron
The latest swipe at Arbitron came from Jim Winston, executive director of the National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, in his testimony to the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications last Wednesday. He said results from its Portable People Meter system suffered from “bias,” adding: “PPM is a greater threat to the survival of minority-owned media than even the FCC’s threatened media-ownership rule changes.” (Continue Reading…)

Brain drain hurting Jamaica
Some 20 per cent of Jamaica’s specialist nurses and eight per cent of its registered nurses leave the island annually in pursuit of greener pastures overseas. This is according to senior University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer, Keirh Nurse’s Policy Paper entitled ‘Diaspora, Migration and Development in the Caribbean’. Additional information from the Ministry of Education suggests that approximately 2,000 teachers have left the country between 2000 and 2002. (Continue Reading…)

More blacks appear to be adopting white children
Candace Russell doesn’t mind the color of her new sister’s skin. As long as the baby learns to love hot pink. Taylor, 1, shares Candace’s vividly painted bedroom in Euclid and enjoys the 9-year-old’s gentle care. Taylor’s adoptive mother is part of a small – maybe growing – group of blacks who adopt white children. (Continue Reading…)

Report: 691 new medicines in development for black population
A report out Monday shows 691 new medicines are in the country’s development pipeline to help treat diseases that disproportionately affect blacks. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America issued the report in Mississippi because the state has the largest black population in the U.S. Memphis’ black population is one of the highest for an American city, with a black population of around 61 percent. (Continue Reading…)

TD Jakes to take popular MegaFest to South Africa
Bishop TD Jakes is taking his record-setting MegaFest event overseas to South Africa next year, according to an announcement made by the megachurch pastor Wednesday. After a yearlong hiatus, MegaFest – the hugely popular family-friendly festival that has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to Atlanta in the US – will return in October 2008, this time as MegaFest International. (Continue Reading…)

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