logo9.jpgClinton Apologizes To Obama Over Aide’s Drug Remark
On a day when her campaign advisers had hoped the final debate before the Iowa caucuses would help Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton reestablish herself as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton offered a formal apology to Sen. Barack Obama and accepted the resignation of a prominent campaign organizer who had raised questions about her rival’s use of drugs. Bill Shaheen, Clinton’s New Hampshire co-chair and the husband of former governor Jeanne Shaheen, said in a statement announcing his resignation that his remarks to The Washington Post on Wednesday were “in no way authorized” by the senator from New York or her campaign. (Continue Reading…)

Judge Sentences White Man to Spend Time With Black Children
A white suburban Cincinnati man accused of shouting a racial slur at a group of black children and threatening to shoot them has been ordered to spend more time with black children as part of his sentence. (Continue Reading…)

Becoming a lady: Urban League offers finishing school for area teens
Know a young lady who needs a bit of refinement? The Urban League of Madison County is seeking applications from girls ages 13 to 17 for a 14-week finishing school program that will begin in January. Indianapolis-based dance teacher Dountonia Dixon will lead classes in poise, etiquette and style. (Continue Reading…)

Africa: Continent Absorbs World’s ‘Poison’
Few months ago, 17 African countries – from West to East – suffered the worst floods in decades. The waves of the Indian Ocean threaten the coast of Kenya and the fishermen who live there have every reason to fear that the day is near when their homes will be swept away. Lake Chad is drying up, and local communities who used to live on fishing now have taken to farming. Peasants from South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe look up at the sky with mistrust: in the last decade they have suffered three serious droughts, when in the past the usual pattern was to go through one bad season every 10 years. (Continue Reading…)

Kenya’s first lady slaps official
Nation TV filmed Lucy Kibaki slapping the official during an independence day celebration at State House in Nairobi. He had mistakenly introduced Kenya’s first lady by the name of the woman widely alleged to be her love rival. In 2005, Mrs Kibaki was accused of slapping a cameraman in a protest over coverage of her row with a neighbour. This gaffe comes at a sensitive time as Kenya prepares to elect a new president in two weeks. (Continue Reading…)

Maya Angelou Endorses Hillary Clinton
With Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama, or the “Oprah Effect” as some call it, getting all the buzz lately, Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently made a counter move with an endorsement from one of America’s most beloved writers, Maya Angelou. The award-winning poet is featured in a new South Carolina radio ad in which she calls Clinton, “my girl.” In the 60 second ad, which appears only within the state, Angelou says, “I am inspired by Hillary Clinton – a daughter, a wife, a mother. My girl.” (Continue Reading…)

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