logo13.jpgKeys bags Janet’s role
It’s official. Singer Alicia Keys will play Lena Horne in a movie on the music legend and not Janet Jackson as was rumored earlier. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who has taken over the project, wanted Keys in the lead role, pagesix.com reports. She said: “We’re going to start filming next year. (Continue Reading…)

Reporter battles disorder turning him white
Lee Thomas’ skin is betraying him. His once brown, even complexion is now mottled with pale patches around his eyes and mouth, along his nose and on his ears; his arms, shoulders and chest are speckled and blotched. “I’m a black man turning white on television and people can see it,” says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. “If you’ve watched me over the years, you’ve seen my hands completely change from brown to white.” (Continue Reading…)

2 women tried to revive Donda West
Two women tried to revive Kanye West’s mother after she had a heart attack and stopped breathing, according to emergency 911 recordings released Monday. An unidentified woman tells a male emergency dispatcher during the call that Donda West recently had surgery. She says West just had a heart attack, has stopped breathing and moving, and is “cold and clammy,” according to the call released by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The woman says she and another unidentified woman are trying to administer CPR. (Continue Reading…)

More African students coming to Chinese universities
More African students are coming or planning to come to China for higher education because of the country’s fast-growing economy and warmer ties with Africa. “China is becoming one of the strongest economies in the world. It will be important to know the country and its language, so I am planning to come as soon as possible,” said Maurice Okande Alcula, a journalist from Kenya’s National Development Radio, who is among a 100-member delegation to China. (Continue Reading…)

The new struggle for South Africa
Long ago, in that distant age when the only Mercedes Benz at large gatherings of the African National Congress was the red one Nelson Mandela rode in, the recently released prisoner and ANC president would lecture his fellow leaders on how to persuade the Afrikaners to give up power peacefully. It is not a question merely of addressing their heads, he would say, we must also address their hearts. It is as a contest between the head and the heart that one can define the rowdy electoral contest under way for the ANC presidency, a contest whose outcome this week could determine whether South Africa remains for the rest of the African continent a model of democratic stability and macroeconomic health or dwindles into slow decay. (Continue Reading…)

Nigeria ‘secretly hangs prisoners’
Nigeria secretly hanged at least seven prisoners in 2006 despite government statements that there have been no executions in years, human rights group Amnesty International said yesterday. Amnesty quoted a senior Nigerian representative as telling the United Nations in November that there had been no capital punishment in Africa’s most populous country in recent years. The rights group said it had evidence that seven prisoners convicted in the northern state of Kano had their death warrants signed by the state governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, but were later transferred to prisons in other states where they were hanged. (Continue Reading…)

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