logo15.jpg Zuma cool on corruption threat
Two days after he was elected leader of the African National Congress, Jacob Zuma brushed aside a threat by South Africa’s chief prosecutor to charge him with corruption. Asked by reporters about the threat of the charge, Zuma said, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” South Africa’s top prosecutor said Thursday he has enough evidence to charge Zuma with corruption, after years of allegations. (Continue Reading…)

Jamaicans win lawsuit over wrong HIV diagnosis
A judge has ordered the Jamaican government to pay a woman $85,000 in damages after she was wrongly diagnosed with HIV in 2003. The judge agreed Wednesday that the woman suffered mental anguish when she went to the state-owned University Hospital of the West Indies to donate blood for a friend and was told she was HIV positive, according to her attorney, Christopher Townsend. (Continue Reading…)

Deadly explosions rock Freetown
At least 17 bodies had been recovered, said the deputy head of the fire-fighting service. Human body parts litter the road outside the building, while people are crying and wailing, says a BBC correspondent at the scene. (Continue Reading…)

Black Men Add Color (Green) to the Holidays for Major Men’s Magazines
Memo To: Men’s Magazine editors in chief Re: Black men sell newsstand covers. If you want to sell copies in December, go with the black guy. I know it is simplistic and possibly not even true but it felt as if there was a memo that the magazine editors all received. A quick pass of the newsstands had me taking a second glance. For December issues there were five “mainstream” magazine covers featuring black men. I believe that was the first time so many magazines have featured black men on the cover at the same time. (Continue Reading…)

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