logo16.jpgMother says school neglected daughter’s taunting
Court hearings began yesterday in the case of a mother who says the Ithaca School District didn’t protect her daughter from racial discrimination. Amelia Kearney says her daughter Epiphany was repeatedly harassed by a group of white boys at her middle school. Kearney says they called her daughter the N-word, spat on her, threatened her and held up signs about the KKK for several months. (Continue Reading…)

Internet ‘necessary’ to Africa’s growth
Nii Quaynor, professor of computer science at the University of Cape-Coast, Ghana, said affordable computing was “necessary” to Africa’s development. “If the critics did not have any internet, I am sure they would talk differently,” he told BBC World Service’s Digital Planet programme. “While we need food and we need water, we also need the tools and instruments that will allow us to create food and water and take control of our development. (Continue Reading…)

White Separatist Group Sues Town of Jena
A white separatist group planning a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Jena is suing the town, claiming officials are violating the Constitution by asking participants not to bring firearms, changing the parade route by one block and requiring the posting of a bond. The Nationalist Movement filed the federal lawsuit Dec. 14 and is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the town from interfering with the Learned, Miss.-based group’s “Jena Justice Day” rally. Group officials claim the town’s rules violate their 14th Amendment rights to due process. (Continue Reading…)

Slavery’s Place in the Capitol
The Capitol’s mammoth new visitors’ center is a work in progress bedeviled by cost overruns and mounting delay. The $621 million project is not expected to be ready for tourists until next fall. But the House and Senate have set an encouraging standard, emphasizing the center’s educational mission by naming the main welcoming chamber Emancipation Hall. This honors long-forgotten African-American slaves forced to help build the original Capitol in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Continue Reading…)

Alice Walker placing lit papers at Emory
Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker is placing her literary archive at Emory University’s library. The author of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Color Purple,” “By the Light of My Father’s Smile” and other works visits Emory every couple of years for readings and meetings with faculty members. That relationship was key in her decision to place her archive at the institution, university officials said Tuesday. (Continue Reading…)

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