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His random thoughts are of the make you go hmmm and laugh out loud variety, his taste in music mirrors our own thirst for a message and feeling behind the beat and his musings on love and relationships have made us re-evaluate a notion or two. Ah, Eclectik Relaxation, the kind of blog us grown folks can appreciate.


Eclectik: www.eclectik-relaxation.com

Why did you start “Eclectik Relaxation”?
I started “Eclectik Relaxation” initially because I would think or say some random mess and people would laugh or I’d just amuse myself…send friends emails or whatever and later I’d ask them to send me the email back or ask what I said …they’d forget or the email was deleted. So, I thought I’d write them down but I never did it; Then after people kept telling me to go on Myspace, I finally did, and I saw the blog function on the site. I used that and the rest is history. Initially “Eclectik Relaxation” was only on Myspace.

Why did you name your blog “Eclectik Relaxation”?
Obviously, the name is derived from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation.” The name just popped in my head though; I’ve been called “eclectic” (its tough trying to spell that word correctly these days…lol) Supposedly, I’m a rare breed/unique and the name fit and flowed. I liked that it was somewhat old school–sounded jazzy and I was just diggin it–seems like it stuck.

When did “Eclectik Relaxation” launch?
Originally on Myspace in Fall 2006. I believe then, the actual site/domain a year later. What happened was Myspace was deleting my blogs or something–they were lost is what it boils down to. And it was annoying so, I figured I’d look into getting my own site. After reading other blogs, I figured it wouldn’t be too tough as long as it wasn’t pricey. The interesting/cool thing is everything you see on my site I did for the first time. I know nada about web page design or anything. I just wondered if I could do something, researched it and did it. Wanted some colors–studied HTML, Music–looked for add-ons. It was kind of fun.

Tell us more about the man behind the blog?
Hmmm…Well, I’m a Graduate of Grambling State University. Originally from Ohio, live in the DC metro now. Single…childless…live alone; laid-back type of guy. I don’t smoke or club…I’d rather shoot pool, watch TV, play chess and board games, that type of stuff. I like to call myself an “Extroverted Loner” lol! Not an “A-Typical” guy by any stretch of the imagination. I Love to shop, watch soaps, can’t wait for Project runway…it’s crazy. Friends say I know a little bit about a lot of things.

Your blog is the perfect destination for music heads. Who are some your favorite artist?
I’m an old school guy. Anything golden era hip hop I’m your man. Old R&B is the move, too.
Favorites–Favorite Singer is Badu, Emcees: Ghostface, MF Doom, AZ, Jean Grae. One of my all time favorite singers believe it or not is Bobby Bradford Brown. Lately I’m really diggin Ledisi, Keite Young, Conya Doss, LOVE Chrisette Michelle (that voice is bananas) Rap music though? I cannot stand, and it hurts because my whole life is Hip Hop (Hip Hop and Old school TV/cartoons) and to see and hear people swear up and down that Weezey is the best rapper out. And hear Soljah boy and all these “lils” and Baby such and suches–is disgusting. Honestly, the emcees I named with an added few are the only current rhyme Sayers I can stomach; otherwise I’m listening to something from ’95 and back.

If you had to list your favorite five songs of all time, what would they be and why?
Damn…Favorite 5 of all time.
Hip Hop is easy:
1. Criminal Minded (My Fav or all time, off of my Fav Hip Hop Album of all time…the beat is sick; KRS one is the illest)
2. My Melody (Rakim is the greatest lyricst of all time, that bass line and wordplay is hard to match…And the song is mad long!)
3. Roxanne’s Revenge (Roxanne Shane is the gold standard in female emcees when this song came out I thought that it couldn’t get any better, she free-styled that joint)
4. La Di Da Di (Probably the greatest Hip Hop Song of all time, THE party starter classic)
5. My Uzi weighs a ton (I remember reading a Black beat magazine listening to the radio and a clip of that came on…It just always gets me hype)

Top Regular songs of all time
Not as easy but I WILL tell you my top 5 Albums of all time are
1. Guy: Guy
2. Baduizm
3. Bobby Brown: Prerogative
4. My Life (MJB)
5. NE Heartbreak

And my favorite singer of all time is Angela Winbush.

What are some of your favorite blogs/sites?
I like the gossip blogs: YBF and Crunk and Disorderly (Anything that can show me pictures of Ciara, Lauren London, Rosario Dawson, Kenya Moore, Rochelle Aytes and Zoë Saldana is all right with me :) ) I have an online community/message board: eclectik-discussion.com, CBS Sportsline, TVGasm, Old school sites with Marvel Comics and stuff like that.

You have somewhat of an obsession with Zoe Saldana. What makes her so special to you?
Zoë Yadira Zaldaña Nazario….Obsession? ME? Now what would make you ask such a question? :) She’s just…wow. The skin, the eyes…the lips…the waist and a damn good actress, too lol. I’ve watched MANY a movie just because she was in it. Appears she would be fun to hang out with as well….put in a good word if you see her.

In your section “Why I’m Single” you give readers the scoop on why you are single. So…are you still single or did you get snatched up?
Ain’t nobody tryin to snatch me up–I’m still single–Han Solo. You’ve read the entries, you can see why I’m single…who’s tryin to deal with all of this?

“Eclectik Relaxation” gives a raw and hilarious approach to dealings with the opposite sex. You offer great advice to women on what a man really looks for and wants. Do your female friends come to you for advice a lot?
Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, a lot of them do come to me for advice–a lot of them get my advice without asking for it as well LOL. People ask me marriage things (even WITH my stance on marriage and relationships) but I help anyway. I’m equal opp though; I give the fellas some pointers or wisdom here and there.

How do you decide what and who to cover on your blog?
I don’t really. I sit in front of the computer and start typing, whatever comes out I type. I can type three pages worth of material off of one thought. “The Dime Lines,” the “I Remember When” post/series I just think it through and go with it. Spell check when I’m done and post.

As you know our issue this month celebrates African American/Black men. What makes you proud to be a Black Man?
I dunno, it just feels good. I couldn’t imagine living life as anything/anyone else…being a black man you’re definitely looked at differently and there are clearly added pressures involved but when you overcome and make this life worth something that’s an incredible reward. I’m self sufficient, my own man…in a position to help myself and others…it’s a good life.

In your opinion, what issues should the black community be working on?
I think that we need to be focusing on ourselves…not what other people think; the outside will always be looking in. What the black community needs to do is shape what they see. Personal finance is big. Future planning we have to stop or try not to live pay check to pay check–saving money, investing, taking advantage of opportunities that others exploit. Education–we have to take it back old school where school was something you “had to do” and going to college was a goal. Parenting is a major key, but the community as a whole needs to embrace each other.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start or recently started a blog?
Do it. Its fun. Seriously, if you feel as though you have something to say; say it…there’s someone that can relate; trust me. Even if you want to make it about cooking, shopping, video games, celebrity gossip–there’s an audience; your blog/site will forever evolve so don’t worry about it not being hot right off the bat.

What is the future of “Eclectik Relaxation”?
Stat Quo. More Randomness…more sexy poetry…Good music (the way it’s supposed to be)…old school thoughts and pop culture

In five words, describe “Eclectik Relaxation”?
Random, Nostalgic, Hilarious, Real and Eclectic.

Why should someone add “Eclectik Relaxation” to his or her daily blog reading list?
There’s something for everyone. Interesting thoughts, things you’d NEVER think of (how did the smurfs live in mushrooms when they were supposedly “three apples high”…those sizes don’t jive) A lot of things you may have thought before or said. I just write them down; you’re not alone. Pop culture and television commentary, Hip Hop (Real Hip Hop) discussion. Music–throwback jams to current Neo Soul, Poetry, Nostalgia. And an online community…it’s addictive and worth it.

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