Barack Obama rocks! And so do the t-shirts bearing his likeness created by Enstrumental, a Chicago-based clothing line founded by Dwamina K. Drew and Christoper Coutee-Bouyer. The Obama t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Audacity is the ladder, climb with the steps of hope” and “Dream Think Create and Now is the time” is meant to reflect a desire for change and create excitement for political participation from our generation. “We’ve created this t-shirt not only to support Obama and his campaign, but also with the hopes of sparking a change in the way the younger generation views and participates in politics,” states co-founder Dwamina Drew.

The Enstrumental line is comprised of shirts with colorful graphics and thought provoking slogans such as “Rap-hip hop = lies” and “Get off your high horse.” The brand has only been around for about a year and has also collaborated with artist Lupe Fiasco for another special edition project.

Enstrumental is putting their money where their mouth is by supporting the Obama campaign directly. Eight percent of sales from the special edition T-shirt are being contributed to Barack’s campaign, which is now available online at www.enstru-mental.com and in stores at Leaders 1354 & Self Conscious.

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