jamal.jpgHamadi Beauty upholds a timeless approach to hair care that promotes a healthy, modern and intelligent sensibility and never compromises quality with artificial ingredients. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, organic essential oils and plant extracts, founder and creator Jamal Hammadi creates products with scents and textures that possess a sort of healthful decadence. Jamal is well known for creating sensuous and glamorous looks for the likes of Hollywood celebrities Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Heather Graham, Naomi Watts and for countless super-beauties on the New York and Parisian runways for Chanel, Christian Dior and John Galliano. Clutch was able to catch up with Jamal to get the inside scoop on Hamadi Beauty.

Clutch: When did Hamadi Beauty Officially Launch?

Clutch: Why did you decide to launch Hamadi Beauty?
It started early on. I was doing color corrections, and most of my clients were complaining about how dry their hair was and why products they were using just didn’t work. Most clients complain about dryness, and most hair products use harsh chemicals, that create dryness; it just didn’t make sense… we are constantly depleting our hair. It’s a profound reflection on what is going on with global warming, I didn’t have a choice. I am naturally driven to make a difference in my way, and I have created it. With this in mind I started mixing up my own conditioners and created my own formulas to condition my clients hair after it was colored. I realized then that there was a huge gap in the market. Not only were there not enough main stream natural products in the 80’s and 90’s, but the looks were stiff and most people where still using mousse and hard gels and hair sprays. There were not any soft creams or light hair conditioning or natural shea sprays, until I created it. Check out the Hamadi Shea spray to see what I mean…

Clutch: What is the personal philosophy behind your product line?
It’s about beauty with a conscious, simple beauty regimes, who has the time? Our philosophy is that you can nourish the health of your hair while you are on the go. The Hamadi line is an amazing multitasking product line. It’s meant to simplify your hair care regimen from the inside out.

Clutch: What made you decide to take the leap from styling to creating your own product line?
It just made sense. I wanted a product that was natural, simple and earth conscious, so I created it. I was tired of being disappointed in products that didn’t work for my hair. I have very curly dry textured hair. I tried everything, and when my clients complained about the same thing, I realized there was a huge gap in the mainstream market. There are so many products that just produce waste, so I started researching and realized I was on to something…and here we are. The future is all about being eco… We don’t have a choice, it’s now a global concern. I am happy to be in the forefront of this trend. It’s everything. Its my way of making a difference and having a voice.

Clutch: The words “green” and “organic” have been popping up in a lot in the product lines of some of our favorite brands, but most of us have no clue what this actually means or how our hair can benefit from using them. We also know that Hamadi Beauty is a 100% organic line. Can you explain what this actually means and how it benefits one’s hair, specifically African American/Black textures?
All organic products are good for you especially in the hair, the difference is that organic products are grown naturally without all of the harsh chemicals and toxins that are really bad for anyone’s hair let alone our environment, this is a profound reflection.

Clutch: Speaking of textures, Hamadi Beauty is an awesome line for African American/Black hair. Did you originally want Hamadi Beauty to become a brand for African American/Black hair, or did you want it to be a line for all to enjoy and benefit from?
The Hamadi line is ideal for African American hair because of the gentle, simple, natural ingredients. It’s not about harsh chemicals or using products with silicones or sulfate that break the hair. It’s about using a product to nourish and replenish hair from the inside out with ingredients like Shea butter, rice proteins, plant extracts and essential oils. Our line is to simplify your hair care regimen and many of the Hamadi products may be used in a multitude of ways. For example, the Shea hair cream is a styling conditioning product that can be used to enhance curl but also may be used as a straightener and protects the hair.

Clutch: Can we say we just love your tagline “Tested on Actresses Not Animals!” Do brands still test on animals, and is there a way that we can find out if they do?
I don’t know about other brands but I am sure you can test the products.

Clutch: Do you use your line? And if so, what products do you use to achieve your look?
Absolutely! My kit consists of: (1) Hamadi Shea Spray, $18, (2) Hamadi Shea Hair Cream, $23 – for guys and for thicker hair and (3) Hamadi Shea Leave, $22 These products I can not live without. I can achieve any look with these three products. (available at www.tobi.com)
Clutch: As a stylist and creator of an amazing product line, do you have any advice and Hamadi Beauty product suggestions that for those who are trying to retain growth and the health of their hair for the winter?
Use shampoos that are natural and gentle, like the Hamadi ginger soymilk hair wash. Use products that are good for you. Check out the ingredients. Brush your hair every night to stimulate your scalp and to help circulate blood to your head. Check out the Hamadi travel wooden bristle brush, reduces static. Use the Hamadi Shea spray for that extra sheen without the weight, and maintain a healthy glow. If you have dandruff, I suggest you use the Hamadi healing serum. This is designed to heal your scalp and hair. All of our products contain ylang ylang which helps with hair growth. The most important tip is to add moisture without the weight. Check the ingredients, become a conscious beauty consumer, wash your hair once or twice a week and choose a style you an work for a few days in different ways. Remember to always add moisture and pay attention to the unique texture of your hair. Trim your ends, very slightly, every few months for growth.

Clutch: What’s in the future for the Hamadi Beauty line?
We are in development with hotels which includes body washes. I am developing a new hair product that I can’t discuss at the moment, but I will say it will be the first to ever be created and revolutionize the hair care industry it’s a constant challenging change.

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