_afternew2textlarge-1.jpgThe holidays can be a time of great stress. Especially on your hair. Between the harsh weather, the drying indoor heat and the lack of time to take care of it, your hair can really suffer. By the time I get to Christmas my hair looks like shredded wrapping paper. Well this year I have decided that I am going to treat my hair right. And with that in mind I decided to try the hot new product on the market right now, the Mane Clip ($9.99 and up, themaneclip.com).

The Mane Clip is a revolutionary new hair accessory that acts as a bridge between your hair and hair extensions. You just pull your hair back into a bun, place a hair extension of your choice into the Mane Clip and snap them together. No fuss. No hassle. The Mane Clip saves you time, money and sanity. All of which you will need plenty of this holiday season if your family is anything like mine.

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