abc_karyn_071211_ms1.jpgBy DAVID SCHOETZ There was no abduction, no gun in her face, no blindfold and no ties binding her wrists. Officials announced today that pregnant Ohio attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock confessed Monday to fabricating a story about being kidnapped by three people at gunpoint in Toledo last week. McConnell Hancock had previously told her husband, Lawrence Hancock, and police that she was kidnapped by two white men and one black woman in front of a juvenile court building in Toledo and driven 600 miles to Georgia, where she was found early Saturday morning wandering near a Six Flags amusement park.

Toledo police Chief Michael Navarre said it was all a lie. “She traveled alone and on her own free will,” Navarre said. Navarre says his department will work with prosecutors to seek criminal charges against McConnell Hancock for filing the false abduction report.

During the course of the seven-hour interrogation by police and FBI agents, her story was systematically picked apart, Toledo lead investigator Vince Mauro said at a morning news conference today. Among other things, they discovered financial transactions that didn’t add up and phone calls that were not made from the places she had told police.

Pregnant Toledo attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock had previously told her husband and police that she was kidnapped by two men and two women and driven 600 miles away to Georgia, where she was found early Saturday morning wandering near a Six Flags amusement park about a mile from her vehicle. The story, she confessed to investigators Monday, was a fabrication.

Mauro also said that as far as authorities were concerned, Hancock, her preacher husband, knew nothing about his wife’s lie when she called him Thursday. Police offered few details about what her motive may have been and where she was between Wednesday and Saturday morning. “She just indicated that she was tired and she wanted to get away,” Mauro said. But her husband, the bishop of the Final Harvest Church, appeared at the same news conference and said that his wife “experienced a meltdown and attempted to handle those matters without the assistance of professional help or others,” but also did not elaborate.

Hancock apologized to the police, the media and citizens who rallied behind his wife’s case. He maintained that he did not know that she was lying when he spoke to her Thursday, a fact that he called “very disheartening.”

Hancock added that his wife’s decision to run away “is the culmination of a series of events,” but declined to elaborate further. He said his wife asked for his apology Monday night and he gave it to her.

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  • Kesh

    Wow, I am speechless.

    I just hope she gets professional help, because clearly she has issues that needs to be resolved.

  • When I saw it, my criminal defense instinct kicked in and I just had a hard time buying the story. I still have a hardtime withe story BUT, 7hrs of interrogation????? WHY? Did they tire her out so that she then said it was a lie as police and FBI agents interrogating for 7hrs a pregnant woman?? Did they offer her food, water e.t.c. Now, I am swinging her way and think her change of statement might have been coerced . . .

  • tellingitlikeitis

    This woman appears to have more than just mental problems. She appears to have racist beliefs because she accused two white men and a black woman for the kidnapping. I noticed that not one person mentioned this fact, but most will recall Susan Smith who accused a black man of attempting to carry out a car jacking of her car and the media went crazy and it was reported for weeks about the made up story but I have yet to hear one media outlet bring to light this womans racism by blaming innocent white men for a crime not committed. Maybe this was a sexual dream she had and this is why she came up with this stupid claim. She needs to appear before the media and admit her crime and attempt to convince white men that she is not a racist. She needs to attend cutural enrichment classes to help her work out her racist beliefs because had this been a white who claimed that two black men kidnapped him/her and the story was a lie than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be on this for weeks to come.This woman needs some time in jail to think about the strain this has put on race relations.

  • B

    The minute I heard she was back & unharmed, I knew she was lying. This is so upsetting.

    I bet she doesn’t get a movie deal out of this like that “runaway” bride.

  • Whew, glad I did not mention her on my blog. But she definitely set black women back. It is a like going through the Biblical trials of Job to get the media to report crimes against black women and here she goes making up stories. You cant help but feel like some one is saying “see thats why we dont F with yall”