As the countdown continues towards the 2008 election, presidential hopefuls are diligently pounding the campaign trail. While the candidates circulating heavily in the press stand to possibly make history as the first woman or first African American come as no surprise, there is another hopeful in which you may or may not have heard of that stands to do the same thing.

He’s seasoned, conservative, Republican, and Black. His name is Alan Keyes and he is vying for your vote. People may be surprised to learn that Keyes is no stranger to government. With a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard, Alan Keyes served as Assistant Secretary of State for more than 10 years, United Nations Economic and Social Council ambassador, and founded the National Taxpayers’ Action Day. But where does Keyes stand on the issues?

Keyes can best be described as “Pro”. He is Pro-life, Pro-family, and he believes the war on terror is something we must address but more effectively. Keyes is a true conservative whose main focuses are rooted in morality. Unlike the traditional song and dance the general public receives from those desiring to be politically correct for the sake of sustaining popularity and perhaps securing votes, Keyes is not the typical politician. His convictions are deeply rooted in the traditional ways and Keyes stands firm in his beliefs of what he feels are solutions to today’s economical crisis, educational pitfalls, and social demise.

Alan Keyes may prove to be a worthy opponent but only time will tell. With his belief in abolishing income tax and implementing a national sales tax in its stead, Keyes just might be the fresh face and wealth of ideas needed to put the U.S. back on course.

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