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soupyjones1.jpgWith hot tee’s and a fresh sense of style, Soupy Jones is out to make the world fly one design at a time. We caught up with David Seeney and Sean Faylon to discuss the genius behind the brand.

Q: What’s the story behind the name “Soupy Jones”?
The name Soupy Jones goes along with the fable the clothing line is loosely based on. In the fable the man’s last name was Jones so he named the fish Jones after his family. Also, in the fable the family eats the fish he brings home with some soup, hence the name Soupy Jones. I also took into consideration people are always trying to keep up with what everybody else is doing. The statement for things like that was always “keeping up with the Joneses,” and some slang I picked up growing up was Souped–people would say you’re souped up or you got a souped up car meaning that it was dope or fresh. So with all of that I put it all together SOUPY JONES because we’re always fresh and people try to keep up with us ;) .

Q: You don’t like to label your brand as “street wear.” Why?
First and foremost, Soupy Jones is a brand; one of the products that the brand happens to produce is clothing. The title, “Street wear,” puts you in a niche market; it labels your product, as a result, this could turnoff potential buyers and stiffen growth. Our products are for everybody, yes, people in the “streets,” or the “urban” consumer will purchase our products, not because we focus our marketing efforts on them, but because they will see the true value in our brand and will form a bond with Soupy Jones.

Q: What makes Soupy Jones different?
We (Sean and David) make Soupy Jones different, our creativity, our mind sets, our unique perspectives on life. Like people, no two brands are alike. They my look alike or have similar art and style, but they are different. The people that develop the brand determine how “different” the brand is. If they are wack, that’s going to be reflected in the clothing. Each one of our designs has a meaning, it may not have a deep philosophical meaning, but it has meaning. Essentially, we make art, and our interpretation may be different than the next person’s, but when you look at it, it makes you feel a certain way. You can love it, hate it or just like the way the colors look, but we want to make that connection with the consumer. Our designs come from the heart Yes, we are influenced by outside activities, but the way we interpret the world, interactions, current events, etc., and convey it in our work in a simplistic and artistic manner, is part of what makes Soupy Jones different.


Q: Tell us more about the men behind Soupy Jones?
David: I was born in Oakland, CA, raised in Connecticut. Morehouse College 04, BA in Business, concentration in Marketing. I’ve shunned the corporate life since I was like 9 or 10. I always knew I wanted to do something creative but I didn’t really know what. During the end of college, I became re-interested in video and film. I took some courses at the local public access station, and it was like riding a bike. I found my creative outlet, and ran with it. I’ve worked with the City of Atlanta, MTV, Georgia Public Access, Georgia Dome Productions, The WB, etc. I always liked fashion. I was one of the best dressed people in my high school; my crew was known for how well we dressed. I like clothes, I like the way they look, I like the different styles. Clothes for me are an artistic expression that speaks about who you are, they help compliment your style, your swagger. I want to help people with style. I think that’s the problem with a lot of people, they don’t have style, they just wear whatever. Brothas just look so sloppy, they are scared to rock something outside their comfort zone. You don’t have to go all Andre 3000, but switch it up; I’m tired of seeing fitted hats and Air Force 1’s. Other than this Soupy Jones thing, I just want to do my part in making the world as fly as possible, whether that be through clothing, films, humanitarian work, politics, science and technology and content creation/distribution; I will continue to develop my God given abilities and gifts to save the world. Observe. Adapt. Evolve.

Sean Faylon:
Well, as for myself Sean Falyon… I’m a college drop out blessed with many talents. I’ve had the gift of art since I was young and always had an urge to draw or paint something. I started out pretty much like a lot of young dudes drawing comic book characters. That went into me trying to start my own comic book. The only problem is, I got bored with things very easily. I was always looking for the next thing or trying to do more than one thing at a time. Growing up my father was heavy into fashion, so it passed onto me. I was a polo, Pierre Cardan , Lacoste baby… so growing up I was always fashion conscious. High school was a big fashion show, so you always had to come on your A game. That was the era of the Versace, Iceberg, Moschino–we were wearing clothes that our parents couldn’t afford… I laugh at that now…that money could’ve went to something else lol. After my high school years and my first year of college, I found myself broke and had to figure out something to get my pockets right, so I started selling mix CDs and hair weave with my girlfriend at the time. The money was good, and I was known as hustle man on campus, so I figured I could sell anything. Since I still had the art background, people started asking me to do their names in graffiti and then put it on shirts. So, I began painting shirts. The money got so good off that, so I formed a company Abstract Collection…with the exposure I got from that I decided to move to ATL. When I got to ATL I felt the painted shirt thing was too saturated so I began looking for the next thing…That next thing was Soupy Jones.

Q: What are your price points?
T-Shirts: Women – $25-35, Men – $35-40
Sweat Shirts: Women – $45-55, Men – $50-60
Hoodies: Women – $60-65, Men – $65-70

Q: If someone asked you to describe Soupy Jones, what would you say?
If you saw the movie “American Gangster,” when Denzel’s character traveled all the way to the jungles of Vietnam for the purest heroin, and when he brought it back to the states to sell, cats was loosing their mind, cause they have never seen anything that pure. That’s how I think about Soupy Jones; It’s pure! The streets, the block, the world ain’t ready for this. Our apparel is 100% pure, no cut, no chaser. We give it to you raw. We going to chase the competition out of business, cause we supply a superior product for a cheaper price. It will spread like San Diego wild fires, until the whole human population of earth develops, what I like to call, a soupy jones Get it? Soupy jones–love jones, ehh!

Q: What’s in the future for Soupy Jones?
We are in the works to develop a baby smuggling ring. We got’em for the cheap shawty! You know buying black babies is popular right now, so we gonna cash in on that. Seriously, the sky is the limit. We want to keep creating hot products, focus on brand development and work on unique marketing plans that build organic relationships with consumers. As far as what new items we are currently thinking about creating, we are keeping a wrap on that, but we definitely want to focus on females, cause the only thing better than a female, is a fly female with style, and the only thing better than that is a fly female with style rocking Soupy Jones.

For more information on Soupy Jones please log-on to www.myspace.com/soupyjones


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