In this month’s edition of Brands to Watch, Clutch is pleased to introduce you to TruButter, an all natural line of skin care products formulated to provide long lasting skin moisture. With a background in Environmental Science, the founder of TruButter has taken key natural ingredients such as jojoba, lavender, sugar and pure shea butter and has combined them into a line of complimentary products consisting of body butters, scrubs, bath and body oils. TruButter products are handmade and come in a variety of fragrances that are sure to soothe, invigorate and improve skin suppleness.For more information, visit www.trubutter.com trubutter1.jpg

1. Bath & Body Oil, $12, 2. Just Shea, $9-14, 3. Sugar Scrub, $14, 4. Travel Butter, $8.50, Tru Butter

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