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  • Ashley

    I agree with bronx chica there. First I saw the white chick during the hook and then I heard those lyrics and I was like what kinda self-hating negro coons are these? there sound is good though. and there goes my hate-love affair with hip- hop. someone needs to ask them about that in person though. teenage or no teenage.

  • I don’t think putting white girls on the hook and talking about like skinned girls makes them “self-hating negro coons”. As said before, they’re teens so the lyrics will be a little immature and prob not the most “conscious” and honestly speaking hip-hop is consumed mostly by non-blacks. Does putting that diversity in their videos make them coons? Now if ALL their videos are with the white and light-skinned chicks, then we can say something.

  • Ashley

    I’m just analyzing this video in the context of the mainstream hip hop I see, and on the basis that this is the only song I’ve ever heard of them. And personaly, I think this is a trend in hip hop that isn’t often spoken of directly, but is validated indirectly.

    So I wasn’t surprised to see that white chick. But when I heard those lyrics I was like wteff is this? Lets look around be real, and start making connections. Or maybe we all just need to watch The Girl Like Me documentary again. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjy9q8VekmE). Where do these girls get ideas like these from? Do those lyrics negate or validate such ideas?

    Do you think such ideals will change when this young lady gets older, or when she scopes out a diverse city? Do you think she will not see black men with non-black females and ladies lighter than themselves in numbers disproportionate to other races? What is this connected to? Perhaps another clutchmagpost: http://clutchmagonline.com/lifeculture/feature/dying-to-be-white/

    I’m so used to this and have said to myself that in the new year I’m not going to watch another video that depicts black beauty as light skinned, non-black, or as that one token dark-skinned BUT pretty girl with stunning bone structure and a small nose. Try doing that and see what percentage of BET you have to skip out on.

    And this whole diversity thing doesn’t explain the lyrics cuz I don’t hear any white people trying to represent multi-culturalism by putting some black girls in their video and glorifying melanin-having big breasts blah blah blah…

    In fact the only other reference to skin tone that I remember from a ‘diverse’ group was the Gym Class Heroes self-hating negro coon saying “Porcelin Skin/ Of Course She’s a Ten” in his song with them cupids.

    Why does diversity have to mean we negate our own beauty and decenter our blackness by normalizing and valuing whiteness?

    Cuz it’s only been 400 years, we’re still affected by white supremacy and many of us are still unfortunately acting like self-hating negro coons.

    Young lady: watch that short doc, read some Kola Boof, remember “Your loyalty is to your womb”, envision your ancestors those blue black beauties that mothered this earth, don’t believe the hype, and you will be just fine.