Green Nylon Padded jacket, Dorothy Perkins, £10.00Ribbed Tank Top, Wetseal, $5.00Ralph Lauren, Thompson Black Stretch Jean, $128Patent Belt, Amazon.com, $13.63Jewel Earrings, Forever21.com, $5.80Stuart Weitzman Black Satin “Blarney”, Bluefly.com, $201
(1) Green Nylon Padded Jacket, Dorothy Perkins, £10.00 (2) Ribbed Tank Top, Wetseal, $5.00 (3) Ralph Lauren, Thompson Black Stretch Jean, $128 (4) Patent Belt, Amazon.com, $13.63 (5) Jewel Earrings, Forever21.com, $5.80 (6) Stuart Weitzman Black Satin “Blarney”, Bluefly.com, $201

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  • Kesh

    Yeah, I love this look too. Ms. Keys looks so fab! :o)

  • Liah

    Alicia isn’t all that comfortable posing on a carpet for a photo op though, her smile looks awkward and a bit frightened —just really “off”.