logo10.jpgMichael Vick to judge: ‘I am not the beast’
Disgraced former NFL star Michael Vick declared that “I am not the bad person or the beast I’ve been made out to be” in a letter to a judge asking for leniency. “I have been talked about and ridiculed on a day to day basis by people who really don’t know Michael Vick the human being. They only knew the football player which is unfair,” Vick said in a handwritten letter released this week. (Continue Reading…)

Voting Rights Chief Reassigned
The Justice Department’s voting rights chief, who said voter ID laws aren’t a problem for blacks because they often die before old age, has been transferred to a new job, officials said Friday. John Tanner, a longtime attorney in the department’s Civil Rights division, requested the move from the division’s voting rights office, Justice spokesman Peter Carr said. Tanner now works in the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices, Carr said. (Continue Reading…)

Tutu urges ANC not to choose Zuma
He said most people would be ashamed to have Mr Zuma as leader and that South Africa deserved someone better. Mr. Zuma, ex-vice president of South Africa, said Church leaders should pray for people and not condemn them. Acquitted of rape last year, Mr. Zuma is vying for the ANC leadership with South African President Thabo Mbeki. (Continue Reading…)

Girl, 7, shot 6 times saving mom
A 7-year-old-girl is being hailed as an “angel from heaven” and a hero for jumping in front of an enraged gunman, who pumped six bullets into the child as she used her body as a shield to save her mother’s life. Alexis Goggins, a first-grader at Campbell Elementary School, is in stable condition at Children’s Hospital in Detroit recovering from gunshot wounds to the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right arm. “She is an angel from heaven,” said Aisha Ford, a family friend for 15 years who also was caught up in the evening of terror. (Continue Reading…)

Razing of New Orleans Housing Halted
Demolition of three public housing complexes, slated to start this weekend, was halted Friday amid complaints about the scarcity of housing for the poor after Hurricane Katrina. The Housing Authority of New Orleans, which is run by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, agreed to postpone the start of demolition pending a hearing Thursday before City Council. Opponents of the tear-down plan had filed a lawsuit contending that the council’s consent was required by the city charter. (Continue Reading…)

Cable Industry Launches ‘Our Time To Vote,’ a $5 Million National Multi-Cultural Voter Education and Registration Campaign
omcast , the nation’s leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services, today announced the launch of “Our Time to Vote,” a year-long, non-partisan voter education and registration campaign designed to increase voting in diverse communities served by the cable industry. (Continue Reading…)

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