logo20.jpgcandlestable475nublk.jpgMedia should play role in fostering Africa’s progress
Africa is often portrayed in international media and in books as a continent embroiled in conflicts, famine, wars and political upheavals. This perception is reinforced by sensational local and global media reports fueled by a persistent desire to satisfy an audience that seems to thrive on negative emotions. (Continue Reading…)

Sudan accuses Chad of bombing Darfur, Chad denies
Sudan has accused Chadian aircraft of bombing its western Darfur region in what it called “repeated aggressions” by its western neighbour, but Chad said its operations against rebels never crossed the border. Relations between the two African oil producers have been touchy in recent years as both try to quell insurgencies close to their long and porous border. They accuse each other of backing rebels trying to overthrow their respective governments. (Continue Reading…)

Black on black crime remains the bigger threat
Racism has become a multi-million dollar business in this country and it is growing exponentially with every perceived “n” word incident, be it “noose” “ni –er,” or “nappy head.” We are off and running to purchase the latest T-shirts that read “Let my people go,” “Face” so and so, or don’t call me the “n” word — it is OK to treat me like one though — and if you want to attend a party to help raise funds for “The Struggle” go to BlackAmerica.com and you will be given a list of the parties and the price to attend. Nothing brings TV ratings up faster than a televised smack-down of the KKK. (Continue Reading…)

African leaders must challenge secret executions in Nigeria
African leaders should challenge the Nigerian government over its secret executions revealed in a report by Amnesty International, a human rights worker has said. Amnesty International revealed earlier this week that secret executions have been taking place in Nigeria’s prisons, despite recent assurances by the government that Nigeria has not executed “in years.” The organisation uncovered evidence of at least seven executions in the last two years, but fears more may have taken place. All of the executions took place by hanging. All those executed were convicted in a Kano state court and relocated to prisons across the country, including Jos, Kaduna and Enugu. Their death warrants were all signed by the current Kano state governor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau. (Continue Reading…)

Voter ID Law Heads to Supreme Court
The dispute over Indiana’s voter ID law that is headed to the Supreme Court in January is as much a partisan political drama as a legal tussle. On one side are mainly Republican backers of the law, including the Bush administration, who say state-produced photo identification is a prudent measure intended to cut down on vote fraud. Yet there have been no Indiana prosecutions of in-person voter fraud — the kind the law is supposed to prevent. (Continue Reading…)

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