77155865.jpgAs we come to the end of the year I am able to reflect on the products that truly made this year in beauty worth experiencing. I had fun with glosses. I laughed with bronzers. I had a wild affair with a jet black mascara. Face it, I had a ball with beauty this year. But as I sit here and look back on what was the stand out product or products for the year only one thing jumps out at me…Natural Makeup.

In today’s marketplace the hottest products are ones that are either good for us, good for the environment or both. And the beauty industry is one industry that got the memo late. All though there were a few trendsetters ahead of their time a couple years ago who pushed for natural beauty products, the majority of companies and consumers seemed more interested in the external benefits of makeup. After all, wouldn’t most women want to look great at any cost?

No. Women from all over the globe have spoken up demanding natural products for their skin and hair. And this year the beauty industry was flooded by the offspring of their efforts. Natural and organic products line the shelves of most major department stores and drug stores. These products that contain natural ingredients no longer are resigned to the dusty self’s of the health food store. They now are included in almost every major cosmetic company line. And there are even whole lines dedicated to them.

But as with most things that really catch fire, the market is overloaded with them. So now the decision isn’t whether or not to buy natural products but which natural product to buy. That’s where my year of fun can help you. Below you will find my favorite natural products of the year (in no particular order). If you haven’t tried natural products before this list will be a good introduction. And whether you find something on this list or not that you like, go out and explore the world of natural makeup products. There are tons to choose from and your skin will thank you.

1.) KORRES Natural Products Line (Prices Range, korres.com)

This line includes everything from velvety blush, sparkly lip gloss and Ginger and Vitamins Foundation. All the makeup I tried on went on exceptionally smooth and provided even color. One of the best lines in a long time.

2.) Physicians Formula Illuminating Mineral Kit ($14.95, drugstores nationwide)

Great kit for getting a quick glow or an instant pick me up. The set includes Mineral wear Talc-Free Veil and a Mineral Wear Quad Eye Shadow. Both deliver an illuminating glow and each contain natural anti-oxidants that protect and condition the skin.

3.) Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipcolor ($15, bareescentuals.com)

This creamy lipstick will bath your lips in exotic oils, natural waxes and plant extracts as it delivers a true shot of color. If all lipsticks can feel so luxurious by going natural, I suggest they do it right away.


4.) Organics Nourishing Face Lotion ($42.50, originsorganics.com)

With ingredients like organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and sunflower oil, this ultra hydrating moisturizer feels amazing going on your skin. It also absorbs quickly leaving you with soft and moisturized skin.

5.) Philosophy “the supernatural” ($35, philosophy.com)

This is hands down my favorite new foundation. This 4-1 mineral makeup contains SPF 15 and has a built in applicator for mistake proof application. It serves as a foundation, concealer, powder and SPF in one container with a built in applicator. Provides sheer coverage and leaves skin looking air brushed and smooth.

6.) Pur Minerals Under Control ($18, purminerals.com)

Helps reduce oil production and minimizes shine with natural ingredients. It leaves oily looking skin looking flawless and smooth.

7. ) Apivita Natural Aromatherapy Natural Scents ($30, apivita.us)

This line of natural scents is created with pure essential oils to create seven unique aromatherapy experiences. Scents include amazing fragrances such as Citrus, Lavender and Earth. This line offers unique scents made with the best ingredients from nature.


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