logo20.jpgcandlestable475nublk.jpgMob burns Kenyans cowering in church
A mob set fire to a church Tuesday where Kenyans were seeking refuge from post-election violence, searing many and leaving others as heaps of ash. Police officers detain an opposition supporter on Monday during riots at the Kibera slum in Nairobi. It is the latest deadly conflict in the normally peaceful country since the incumbent won last week’s presidential election and police and political backers of the failed candidate began clashing. The Associated Press reports at least 50 people — many of them children — died in the church fire, but a government spokesman says none of the 150 deaths during the last two days are related to the election. (Continue Reading…)

Network’s goal: Recycle black business dollars
James Normore, co-owner of All Occasions Event Center, is witnessing the makings of a black business movement in Wichita. Black entrepreneurs have been gathering monthly for about two years at his business at 21st and Oliver, learning about one another and learning how to start and sustain their businesses. “Be Intentional” about supporting black businesses is the mission for those participating in the Recycling Community Dollars Network. (Continue Reading…)

African-American leader plans inner-city project in Israel
A successful North American social welfare and vocational training initiative may soon be transplanted to Israeli soil if a joint venture by the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh and African-American leader, social activist and author William Strickland comes to fruition. In Israel this week to explore the possibility of expanding his non-profit Manchester Bidwell Corporation to Pittsburgh’s sister region of Misgav in Northern Israel, Strickland told The Jerusalem Post that he was “impressed with the resilience, tenacity and commitment of the local population – both Arabs and Jews – to support Israel.” (Continue Reading…)

Bush signs Sudan divestment bill
President Bush signed legislation Monday to allow states and local governments to cut investment ties with Sudan because of the violence in Darfur. But in doing so, Bush made clear that he will construe the law as he chooses to make sure that lower governments do not try to intrude on the powers of the federal government. (Continue Reading…)

US Policy On Haiti Needs Adjusting, Congresswoman Says
The United States’ foreign policy as it regards Haiti needs to be overhauled, according to Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was the special guest on the JCN programme “Jones and Company”, which aired Sunday. (Continue Reading…)

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