One laptop project loses partner
Intel has pulled out of a project to put cheap laptops in the hands of children in the developing world. (Continue Reading…)

Patti LaBelle Debuts Line of Wigs
Songstress, best-selling author, cook and now fashion icon, Patti Labelle will introduce a new line of wigs in January from the Especially Yours collection of hair accessories for black women. Fans of LaBelle’s already famous hairstyles can now enjoy the same looks without expensive trips to the salon. “I’ve always wanted my own line of fabulous wigs and hair pieces. (Continue Reading…)

Diarrhoea outbreak hits Zimbabwe’s capital
A diarrhoea outbreak has hit Zimbabwe’s capital Harare following weeks of uncollected garbage, sewer blockages and erratic water supplies, the state-owned The Herald daily reported on Friday. More than 400 cases of diarrhoea have been recorded in Mabvuku and Tafara, two of the capital’s suburbs, but there is no confirmation of deaths that have been linked to the outbreak. (Continue Reading…)

Apple And Jay-Z: Will They Really Launch A Record Label?
here’s an intriguing rumor floating through the web this morning that Apple is getting into the music business. Some would say Apple’s already in the business with its iTunes web site selling well over 2 billion songs these last few years. Or that selling well over 100 million iPods makes Apple a music company. (Continue Reading…)

Eddie Murphy’s beach marriage invalid, says lawyer
FILM star Eddie Murphy’s beach marriage in French Polynesia this week is likely to be invalid, a lawyer in the territory has said. General law specialist in French Polynesia, Malgras Benoit, confirmed reports that Murphy and his 40-year-old fiancee Tracey Edmonds were ineligible to be married locally because they had not lived in the region for long enough. (Continue Reading…)

NJ Assemblyman: Blacks Should Thank the Lord for Slavery
New Jersey lawmakers begin considering this week a measure that would make theirs the first northern U.S. state to offer an expression of regret for slavery, an institution that one Republican lawmaker said blacks today should remember led to their becoming Americans. (Continue Reading…)

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