logo20.jpgl_60725a2f44fa52f4af038b8de83e9c7f.jpgBlack female jockey reborn after being homeless
The final race of the season had just ended and Sylvia Harris was beaming. She patted Lively Moment on the back and kept smiling, kept praising the thoroughbred after finishing 11th of 12. Harris felt like a winner, though. She does whenever she’s in the saddle. (Continue Reading…)

White Supremacist Protest in Jena, La.
A crowd mostly made up of members of the media listened as four white separatists demanded white rights, severe prosecution of six black teens accused of beating a white school mate and an end to the Martin Luther King holiday. But the speeches didn’t last long. (Continue Reading…)

Zambia hit by fresh nationwide blackout
Zambia was hit by a new nationwide power blackout late Monday, the second in 48 hours. The entire country was plunged into darkness at around 1730 GMT and partial supplies were only restored Tuesday to critical areas, such as hospitals and military installations, said Rhodnie Sisala, managing director of the state-run Zambia Electricity Supply Company (Zesco). (Continue Reading…)

Kenya Refugees Struggle to Feed Children
With one baby strapped to her back, another in her arms and a posse of other grandchildren clinging to her skirts, Mary Nyawera stood in line for food rations. The explosion of violence over Kenya’s disputed election has cost Nyawera her home, her livelihood and all four of her sons. She is now the sole provider for 22 grandchildren, all refugees at a border camp in neighboring Uganda. (Continue Reading…)

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