logo20.jpgl_60725a2f44fa52f4af038b8de83e9c7f.jpgWhy black women are doing the white thing
Frustrated with the ‘shortage’ of ‘good’ black men, black women are expanding their horizons and are dating outside of their race. Statistics show that more black women are dating white men worldwide, and black female/white male marriages have increased by fifty per cent. Some argue that this increase in relationships between black women and white men may be attributed to educational attainment. (Continue Reading…)

Report: Black, Hispanic children making gains
Black and Hispanic children have made significant gains in health, safety and income over the past two decades, narrowing gaps between them and white children, according to a pioneering report on child development to be released Tuesday. (Continue Reading…)

Kenya Death Toll Near 800 in a Month
Gangs of youths armed with machetes and clubs fought running battles with police on Sunday and burned tribal rivals alive in their homes in western Kenya, pushing the death toll from a month of escalating ethnic violence to nearly 800. (Continue Reading…)

Workers Fired Over Noose Found at Nationals New Ballpark
Two workers at the new Nationals Park work site have been fired after they allegedly left a noose in a breakroom. That noose was later found by African American employees. (Continue Reading…)

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  • Must we continue to talk about the black woman- white man thing? It’s getting a little old. And what really confuses me, is that why is it that there seems to be only black or white as the choices for black women? There are other cultures out there as that could probably relate to us better than white men. I really don’t believe it’s all about not finding a good black man. I think that black women have gotten to the point where we are all,”I’m soo independent. I don’t need you.” and men pick up on it. OR some women really just want a white man period- for the same reason black men feel the need to get white women. Please discontinue posting these stories.