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miss2.jpgJust when I become a bit bored with fashion, along comes a fresh concept that makes me excited about getting dressed again. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of sources including the 60’s revolution, Swedish design and hip-hop Kylee Fauss, the one woman show behind the brand creates street chic baubles that have you ‘jinglin’ baby. Go head baby’ running through my mind all day.

Q: When did Miss Wax launch?
Miss Wax Jewelry officially launched in fall of 2006 selling at local lifestyle boutique, UNIV in Encinitas, CA. I had been making jewelry for sometime, but hadn’t really thought of starting a line until then. The jewelry was at a very different level and has evolved quite a bit since then, but has always kept the same basic concept.

Q: How did the name and concept for the line come about?
In the birth of Miss Wax, I was using mostly old vinyl records to create the pieces. Actually I was using anything I could find, old binders from high school, wood, plastic, whatever I found under my bed. Ha!

But, vinyl was prominent and readily available at my local thrift store for 25 cents a pop. I collect vinyl too, so it’s not like I was cutting up some good shit. I’m talking Barbara Streisand. Sorry Barb, but I can live without you. Anyways. Vinyl = wax. What can I say? The name stuck.

Q: Who is behind the brand?
There are many supporters and people that have helped out to make Miss Wax what it is. I am the one-woman show doing all the design work, business, manufacturing, PR, you name it. I have no life but like I said, many people have helped me a great deal, and our team is growing. My photographers/filmers/fucking genius’s Jacki Le and Byron Atienza are amazing. Big Ups to them! And Ricky Powell. He’s the shit. He’s helped out a lot.

Q: In five words, how would you describe your collection?
– Original

– Vivid

– Funky

– Big

– Mod

Q: We know that each piece is probably your baby, but do you have any items that are your favorites?
I wear my cigarette earrings almost everyday. They go with everything. And people always laugh when they see them.

Q: Do you design custom pieces?
Yes. All the time. I have designed custom pieces for friends, customers and other brands. It’s dope because it gives me ideas I might not have thought about before.

Q: What materials do you use?
The hand painted/Limited goods on misswax.com are mostly made out of wood or plastic. I use a lot of Belton and Montana paint because it’s nice and thick, and paint pens for most detailing. The manufactured goods are made out of a fiberglass reinforced plastic. It’s a super nice, lightweight, high-gloss material. I love it. All my hooks and chains are made of 14k gold-filled material.

Q: Who or what inspires you in the design process?
Right now, I’m highly influenced by the 60s revolution and anti-war movement. Swedish design is a big inspiration, too. And hip-hop is always a factor.

Q: What type of woman do you imagine wearing Miss Wax?
Any woman with style.

Q: What’s up next for the Miss Wax?
We will be releasing a limited edition RETNA (Seventh Letter Crew) collab at AGENDA tradeshow next month. I plan to release rings for 2008, followed by a small men’s line and various collaborations with key artists and companies.
To purchase Miss Wax visit www.misswax.com

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