pineapple.JPG Last week the temperature dropped down below zero where I live. Yes, you read that right — the actually temperature dropped below zero. So, if you add the wind chill factor it felt like -17 degrees outside. It’s the type of weather that just makes you angry at the world and everything in it. Angry at bad drivers, people with 19 items in the 12 items or less line and the heat in your house that is turning your skin into cracked leather.

Well at least the last complaint is something I can fix. I decided to test out Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask ($3.99, freemanbeauty.com). As soon as I cracked open the container the delicious tropical smell of fresh cut pineapple instantly transported me to an island in the South Pacific. A welcome pick-up after driving home in a snowstorm. I lathered on a healthy dose of the enzyme mask and allowed it to work its magic. After rinsing the mask off I noticed my skin looked and felt hydrated and radiant. The Pineapple extract and AHA’s in the Enzyme Mask left my skin exfoliated, moisturized and soft. And my skin smelled amazing the rest of the day… even when I was stuck out side shoveling snow.

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