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artclintonjohnsonap.jpgBET founder apologizes to Obama
The founder and former CEO of Black Entertainment Television apologized Thursday to Sen. Barack Obama for what appeared to be veiled comments this week regarding the Democratic presidential hopeful’s acknowledged drug use as a teenager. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton Knocks Obama Plan She’d Consider
Hillary Rodham Clinton is accusing rival Barack Obama of proposing a $1 trillion tax increase with a plan to require high income earners to pay more Social Security taxes. Clinton outlines the charge, which she previously has made, in a mailing to voters ahead of Saturday’s presidential caucus. (Continue Reading…)

If Clinton gets the nod, she must woo black voters
Even though seven out of 10 African Americans did not vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary, analysts and black voters don’t see it as a sign of irreversible trouble for Clinton if she becomes the party’s nominee. (Continue Reading…)

Notes on the GOP Race
1. All of the Republican candidates, with the exception of Romney, are broke. What money they have left they are deploying in South Carolina and Florida and hoping that the results there will enable them to raise more money to compete in the February 5th Super Tuesday contests. McCain is perhaps the least vulnerable to money woes, because he has the greatest name recognition nationally from his 2000 campaign. (Continue Reading…)

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