rockstar-regular-bone.jpgWe were not at all surprised to find out that “Rockstar” was the product name for one of our favorite handbags designed by Brigette Romanek. An amazing alligator clutch that manages to be both edgy and refined, it’s the quintessential bag for the woman who well….rocks. Clutch caught up with the designer to get the scoop on these uber stylish bags.

Q: What’s the story behind ROMANEK?
Creativity is what fuels me and my happiness. I have always had a love affair with fashion. One year a friend suggested homemade gifts for the holidays. The next morning handbags were the first thought that came to me and I have been designing them ever since.

Q: Who is behind the brand? I am with the support of my friends and family.

Q: We read in your bio that your first collection sort of spawned from you designing bags for friends. Who do you have in mind now when you design and where do you find inspiration? My inspiration comes from everywhere . . . there is nothing that I rest my eyes on that I don’t draw inspiration from. It is really rewarding to be able to extract beauty and translate it into a collection.

Q: What’s the most exciting part about being a designer/entrepreneur? For me it is having a vision in your mind and then holding it in your hands.

Q: What kind of woman wears your handbags? They are created for a woman who has a style of her own and stands a part, which to me is chic.

Q: What’s your idea of the perfect handbag? Does this bag exist in your line?
The ideal bag brings a nice “pop” to an ensemble, while still being functional. Since I mainly focus on evening bags, I check that they can house a lipstick, money, credit cards and a cell phone. I always include a little zipper pocket for anything personal—what goes in there is up to you. The perfect bag is very subjective; I feel that there is piece in my collection for every woman’s style.

Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your most recent collection? Sophisticated and sexy—I test this by how the bag looks under ones arm, in hand, on a chair or table. The collection is light on hardware and has simple lines. To me hardware has a tendency to “date” bags and I want my pieces to be timeless. The color palette ranges from earth tones to saturated brights. I mainly use farmed skins and this season I experimented with other mediums such as feathers, suede, and canvas.


Q: What kinds of details do you feel make your bags special?
I suppose I can use “The Rockstar” as an example, because it has become my signature bag. It unfolds like a scroll and is made from one barely cut piece. When a woman unfurls the bag, you know it is a ROMANEK bag. For me, it is the modern and unique shapes. They have a tendency to be architectural in nature, which sets them a part from other collections.

Q: Your bags are quite popular with the celebrity crowd. Is there any one in particular that you would like to see wearing your designs? I genuinely love seeing women carrying my bag. For me, it is always an honor, so it is hard for me to pin point one. I would love to see every woman carry a ROMANEK bag.

Q: Can you share any future plans for ROMANEK? I have a certain aesthetic that is not limited to handbags. My wish is to incorporate other products under the ROMANEK umbrella. Like I said from the beginning, I am a creative person and doing anything creative makes me happy.

Q: Any additional comments or information you want us to add or know about ROMANEK?Thank you for your support and thinking of me for this interview.

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