logo20.jpgweekend121.jpgRuby Dee Gets Her First Oscar Nomination
This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominations for the most coveted trophy in cinema—the Oscar—with the specialty divisions of the major studios bringing in the most nominations. The nominations were led by Paramount Vantage and Miramax’s jointly produced films No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood, with each receiving eight nominations. (Continue Reading…)

Jennifer Hudson Joins Tyler Perry’s ‘Family’
Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is in negotiations to lead the cast of “Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys” for Lionsgate. Guess who’s writing, directing, producing and starring in “Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys”? That’s right. None other than Tyler Perry. (Continue Reading…)

Dozens Dead in Latest Kenya Clash
Sporadic gunshots rang out Saturday in this western Kenyan city as those forced from their homes by postelection violence threatened revenge. Police took 16 charred bodies to a mortuary, where onlookers sobbed. (Continue Reading…)

Is Nas Being Dropped By Label?
Nas is in danger of being dropped by his record label Def Jam because he wants to call his next album N*ggar, according to some reports. The Queensbridge MC has been told he can’t give the record the controversial title because shops in the US won’t stock it. A source at the legendary label told DotMusic: “There is no way that we can put out an album with that title. Many retailers have already told us – flat out – that they won’t carry it.” (Continue Reading…)

Mrs. Obama swings back at Clintons
It began as a spitting match between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over honesty and integrity. But the war of words between the two leading Democratic presidential candidates exploded into a full-blown family feud yesterday as Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of waging a “win-at-all-costs” smear campaign against her husband before South Carolina’s presidential primary on Saturday. (Continue Reading…)

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