main_verde.jpgQ: I bought my first home and I plan to move in at the beginning of Spring. They are remodeling it now and I want my house to smell like a home the day I move in and not a work zone. What is the perfect candle I should buy to do this? You want a light scent that is fresh and clean, not overpowering or heavy. Verde Candle by Apothia Aromatics ($46, apothia.com) might just be the perfect candle for you this spring. The Verde candle embraces bright cilantro, earthy tomato leaf, a zesty squeeze of lime and a hint of chili peeper. When the candle is burning, the sparkling freshness energizes the senses as the sexy fragrance entices both mind and body. Long after you blow the candle out the pure fragrance will linger around delighting your senses. Great fragrance for the Spring.

clari.jpgQ: It gets pretty hot in the Spring where I live and by the end of the day my makeup looks terrible. Is there anything I can do to keep it looking fresh? Humidity and heat can ruin makeup in an instant. A perfect fix to avoid a spring time melt down is Clarins Fix’ Make-Up ($25, clarins.com). This light pink mist sets make-up in place and leaves it looking fresh in any climate. You just spray onto skin after you have done your makeup and it leaves an invisible, ultra-resistant veil. And you can spray the mist throughout the day to boost your make-up and mood when needed. Truly refreshing and revitalizing. A must have for the spring and summer.

covermark_face_magic.gifQ: In the spring I usually can’t wait to put on my miniskirt and show off my legs. In the last few years I have started to develop some stretch marks and I am really self conscious about them. Is there anything I can use to cover them up?
Most women I know have some imperfection whether it be blemishes, keloids or stretch marks they want to cover up. And you can find countless number of products that will conceal imperfections if they are on your face. The problem is what if your trying to cover an imperfection on your body. In the past unless you wanted to use a whole stick of concealer and have it smudged off 20 minutes later then you were out of luck. But Covermark, the global leader in concealment cosmetics created a product specifically made to conceal imperfections on your leg and body. Covermark Leg Magic SPF 16 ($16,covermarkusa.com) legendary flaw-fighting formula conceals unsightly imperfections such as varicose veins, sudden stretch marks, blemishes, bruises, keloids and uneven skin tone. The company just updated their shade range so there is a color to suit all skin tones. Plus it protects the skin on the legs with SPF16. So go ahead grab a tube and grab your mini skirt.

ped1.gifQ: It was a long Winter and my feet aren’t ready for Spring sandals and flip flops. Is there any product that will get my feet ready fast? Spring is definitely the start of the pedicure season. To wear Spring’s sexiest sandals and heels your feet have to look fabulous. Unfortunately, during the winter heels and toes can lose moisture and leave you with severely dry skin. The secret to getting feet babysoft in an instant is PedEgg ($10, pedegg.com). The Pedegg is the ultimate foot file. It has precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to reveal healthy soft skin. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch for your feet. And PedEgg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment. Perfect to throw in a bag and travel with so that your never left without the smooth feet.

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