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Meet Terrell, our Atlanta-bred homeboy who enjoys going out, meeting new people and the finer things in life. Terrell has agreed to host a column on Clutch that gives us the inside scoop on men, relationships and the dating game. Now remember, Terrell is somewhat of a comedian and speaks his mind—so be prepared to be entertained, schooled and possibly shocked on his views.

Hi Eva: As a woman, your female intuition will let you know if your man is cheating or not. However, if you still need evidence, then look for these clues.
(1) Your mate has started to pick fights with you for no reason at all.
(2) You as a couple stop participating in activities that you would normally do on a regular basis.
(3) He stops paying attention to you and random women start to call his phone.
(4) You used to have sex on a daily basis and now it’s once a week—or you initiate sex and he turns you down or asks for a raincheck.
(5) He stops complimenting you, he doesn’t tell you that he loves you anymore, and he stops showing you any type of affection, whether it’s in public or in the privacy of your home.

If any of these things sounds familiar, then he might be cheating.

p.s. Ladies, I know suspecting your mate of cheating is a very hard thing to deal with, but please keep your head up and approach it in a calm and respectful way. My advice is to ask him first and listen to his responses. If he sounds like he is lying, then he might be. If he sounds honest, then he might be telling you the truth. But if you still have that nagging feeling, pull out your I-Spy briefcase and start doing some research until you have come to a conclusion that sits right with you.

If you would like to ask Terrell a question about why men do the things they do please email him at [email protected]

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