dailyphoto080412.jpg26-Year-Old Texan Crowned Miss USA
A 26-year-old entrepreneur from Texas was named Miss USA on Friday, besting 50 other beauty queens for the coveted crown. Crystle Stewart, of Missouri City, Texas, runs a party-planning and motivational speaking company, as well as modeling professionally. She says she wants to dedicate her life to international philanthropy. (Continue Reading…)

Tavis Smiley Resigns from Tom Joyner Radio Show
Tavis Smiley is leaving Tom Joyner’s popular morning radio show after 12 years, and Joyner told listeners Friday he thought the political commentator’s criticisms of presidential hopeful Barack Obama might be to blame. But Smiley said in a news release issued later Friday: “Contrary to what has been suggested, I have decided to clear some things off my plate so that I can devote my time and attention to some exciting and empowering projects … this summer, this fall and beyond.” (Continue Reading…)

Worries about Bell Verdict Spur Meetings in Queens, NY
With a verdict on the horizon in the Sean Bell trial — one that has the potential of sparking outrage throughout the city — Mayor Bloomberg yesterday met with leaders of the black community in Queens to discuss the need for leadership in the aftermath of the decision. If Judge Arthur Cooperman acquits the three officers charged in the shooting of Bell, an unarmed man who was killed in barrage of 50 bullets, civil unrest could resemble that following the 2000 acquittal of four white police officers in the shooting of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed black man fatally shot in the Bronx. Then, about 100 people were arrested for participating in various protests on charges that included reckless endangerment and inciting a riot. (Continue Reading…)

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  • I just want to say Congrats to my best friend Crystal Stewart. I know how hard this was for her and all her obstacles being an African American representing Texas. Keep up the good work Clutch, and holla at your girl if you need an interview with the new Miss USA!

  • Opium

    ~So proud of our new Miss USA 2008!!!

    ~WHATEVA! @ Beyonce & Jay Z…

    ~& hopefully Foxy will get her s!*% together this time around.

  • Let US ALL PRAY FOR FOXY …. Her and Naomi have anger issues! Honey

    Folk love to hate on Jay & B … Haters make them Greater! LOL Shame

    And Snoop Dun went soft of us … It’s about time he grew up, I really like his reality show he’s an average guy , father, husband hope they come back for another season.

    Miss Texas is now Miss USA, Good for her Hope she get another stylist her hair id a Horro Honey!

    Thats my comment for the day LOL