dailyphoto080415.jpgAlicia Keys’ Journey to the Motherland
It starts and ends with the actions of people. We are witnessing the complete annihilation of entire communities of people. Human beings, like you and me, infected with the deadliest virus known to man: HIV/AIDS. The virus has led to the deaths of millions of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. The most affected are children. This devastating disease has created over 13 million orphans in Africa alone. In fact, before AIDS hit Africa the word ‘orphan’ did not even exist. Africa has been called the cradle of civilization, where all life began. It is where our roots are. You could call it “Mother Africa”. (Continue Reading…)

Bob Johnson Says Ferraro Was Right on Obama
Billionaire Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, last seen publicly raising Sen. Barack Obama’s youthful drug use, then denying it, then apologizing for it, has stepped into the spotlight again. In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, Johnson says that former vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro was right. If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,” she said, just before the resulting firestorm forced her to step down as an adviser to Obama rival Hillary Clinton. (Continue Reading…)

GOP Lawmaker Apologizes for Calling Obama ‘Boy’
Republican Rep. Geoff Davis apologizing to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday after referring to him as “that boy.” Addressing a Republican gathering Saturday night, the Kentucky lawmaker said, “That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button.” Davis was talking about political and national security issues at an annual GOP dinner. (Continue Reading…)

School Fire Kills Uganda Children
An overnight fire in dormitory at a Ugandan junior school near the capital, Kampala, has killed at least 19 girls. The BBC’s Joshua Mmali at the scene says distraught parents are wailing as rescuers work to retrieve bodies. (Continue Reading…)

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  • This Bob Jhonson is a Total Quack .. Hillary and Bill must be paying the bills for the next Genration in his family. WOW. Mocing On

    For Lisa’a Sake I pray these aligations are not ture. However they were from her “friend” will she Stand by her Man of Stick with Her Friend ? Now thats the question.

    Folk have been saying all kinds of racial things out of their mouths since he announced he would run for the presidency. The ‘People’ are crazy

    So much madness going on in the world

  • Bob Johnson – the man who allowed Black Entertainment Television to morph into Black Exploitation Television – actually has the nerve to call someone out on race? What the hell happened to my “Teen Summit”?!

    So yea Obama is “really lucky” he’s black cause

    First Obama wasn’t “black enough”
    Then Obama was “too black” (see Rev. Wright controversy)
    Next he’s an “elitist” “uppity negro” who thinks he’s better than middle America white folks
    Then he’s a “boy”

    Bob Johnson. Go to hell. Do not pass go, or collect – you go straight to hell for telling bold faced lies. Not once has Hillary or any other candidate been asked to qualify their race. Hillary hasn’t even been asked to qualify her gender! Yet somehow Barack is “lucky he’s black”. Y’know so lucky he has to have a Secret Service detail on par with President Bush based on the level of threats against his life. Yea, that good ole’ first class treatment- Hillary *could only dream* of having snipers wanting to shoot at her! Oh wait . . .she does actually dream about that.

    Bob Johnson is only doing this for 2 reasons

    1) to somehow validate/qualify Ferraro’s statements because “If one black guy says it it must be true”
    2) to reintroduce race into the campaign now that Hillary’s campaign is in its last throes of desperation

    One question for Bob: How does it feel being cashed in as a “token”?

    You sitting there with BILLIONS yet NOTHING substantive ever came of your empire to help the black community. You sitting there with BILLIONS yet you and $109 Million Dollar girl Hillary talking about homeboy is “elitist”. Ne-gro-please STFU with that bs.