naomi_25717t1.jpgBlack is finally in fashion at Vogue
It’s an open secret in the fashion industry: black models rarely get jobs on catwalks, in magazines and on billboards. According to executives, they do not inspire women to spend money. Apart from Naomi Campbell in one Louis Vuitton advertisement this season, it would be difficult to find a single black model in a prominent position in a magazine. Carole White of the Premier Model Agency says she has received casting briefs requesting “no ethnics” and adds: “According to magazines, black models don’t sell.” (Continue Reading…)

Black Daddies Club Meets to Discuss Issues
Brandon Hay is looking to dispel the stereotype that black fathers don’t play a role in their children’s lives. Hay’s Black Daddies Club is meeting in Scarborough on Sunday, April 27 at the Malvern Community Recreation Centre from 6 to 9 p.m. This is the third meeting of the club and its first in Scarborough – Hay’s home community. The Black Daddies Club is a forum for black men to support one another as parents and help to build one another as leaders within the various black communities and the community at large. (Continue Reading…)

New Alarm Sounded on Plight of Black Women
When a foundation starts to crumble, it’s not long before the entire building starts to bow and sway, finally collapsing into a heap. In the National Urban League’s new report, “The State of Black America: In the Black Woman’s Voice,” there are indications that the black woman — the foundation of the black family — is in danger of being overwhelmed by problems manifesting in the family structure, economics and serious health disparities such as the AIDS epidemic. (Continue Reading…)

Bell’s Fiancée: ‘They Killed Sean All Over Again’
A day after three New York police detectives were acquitted on all counts in the case of Sean Bell — an unarmed man killed in a hail of 50 police gunshots — his fiancee told supporters that the justice system let her down. “On April 25, 2008, they killed Sean all over again,” Nicole Paultre Bell told supporters at a rally organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton. “That’s what it felt like to us,” she said Saturday. “Yesterday, they — the justice system — let me down. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I’m still praying for justice, because it’s not over. It’s far from over.” (Continue Reading…)

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  • atlantiz

    According to top executives, black women do not inspire consumers to buy…..i.e it is the top executives’ choice to keep this stereotype circulating for whatever reason. I guess it’s good to see a top fashion magazine have an entire issue dedicated to ethnic women, however if this issue is just to say “hey look we included ethnic models, here’s a whole issue on them!!!!~”, and then for the next 72 isssues we can count the number of ethnic models on two hands, whats the point……..

  • Jai

    I think the editor at Vogue Italia is making an excellent descion… good for them for stepping up to the plate, somebody has to! I just hope this is the beginning of a real change in the industry, and not just a token issue.

    I just wonder how I can get a copy of that in Texas… its not exactly a fashion mecca

  • European countires a infamously more tolarent and accepting of all racies. Color is only an issue for the US. Good Look Vouge Italia!

  • I am beyond excited to pay however much it will cost to get this upcoming issue. When i blogged about it, it was merely a rumour but now it is a fact. So excited!