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Brand: Yorktown Road
Designer: Carol

Q: When did you decide you wanted to start the Yorktown Road Collection?
Yorktown Road is inspired by a wonderful street in the community where I live, just outside of San Francisco. Mid-century architecture set in an area of raw untamed trees, brush and hills. The homes are simple in form, not fancy at all, and have great interest without bringing in a lot of different elements. That concept is really what led to developing Yorktown Road. Using simple forms and usually just one base textile to create something beautiful and interesting.

“Yorktown Road” is currently producing a line of modern accessories for women, children and the home.

Q: Who are the Yorktown Road customers? And why do they love your items?
Yorktown Road has an international client base with a variety of backgrounds from students, artists, architects and moms. The product really crosses the line between formal and informal, which allows the individual to interpret how it should be used or where it can be worn.

Although I do have some standard styles that I carry through each season, the colors from individual collections and seasonal styles are produced in very limited quantities. Many of my customers really like to feel they have an item that they aren’t going to see all over town or at a special event they are attending. In fact, I often receive requests for items that will not be reproduced.

Q: Shoppers are always so impressed by the craftsmanship of Yorktown Road pieces, what would you say adds that extra something special to how your pieces are put together? What are your special touches?
A lot of care is put into each bag I create. Although I do sew each piece, most of my time is spent preparing the fabrics and fussing over the finished product before I send it out into the world.

I hand-dye most of my colored linens, and do so in very small batches to bring out the most intense result possible. The fabric for each bag is textured individually to enhance its existing character. I never try to force a bag to be a specific dimension or shape. Instead, if it’s a natural fiber and wants to twist a little, I’ll let it twist or curve or do its thing. I work with the fabric, not against it and I think the end result is so much more fun and interesting.

Q: What are your favorite pieces? For lazing around the house, a night on the town, a gift for a friend…?
Favorite pieces? If I have a lot to carry but still want to look really bold and sophisticated, I wear the “supply sack” in either black nylon or leather. It’s a big bag with a strong shape. I’ve had many customers come back to get this one in different colors.

The textured linen totes and slim zips are perfect for gift giving. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for daily use.

The “rolled leather tote” is like “the perfect pair of jeans.” At least that’s what one of my customers says. I agree. Simply shaped, a bit rumpled, perfect to use day or night. The leather for this bag usually comes from re-purposed coats or upholstery pieces so it has lots of character.

The “silk lined mini-zips” and “thick & thin zips” are ideal for a night out or even as a beautiful zip to slip in your bag everyday. They aren’t super stiff like a lot of clutch bags. Instead they retain the soft movement that is natural to linen.

Q: Where can Clutchette’s find Yorktown Road products?
Yorktown Road has an etsy shop that opened in November 2007. www.yorktownroad.etsy.com and a new website is in the works! www.yorktownroad.com

I do sell in a variety of small shops and galleries around the United States. Two of my newest shops are “Modela” in Iowa City, IA and “Alchemy” in Richmond, VA. Visit them if you are in the area!

Many customers also keep an eye on my flickr stream, also named Yorktown Road, so they can see when new designs are in the works. I always welcome emails so if anyone would like more information or know how to find a specific bag, just ask!

Thick Thin KiwiSupply SackRolled Edge ToteMini Zip Silk Lining

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