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Brand: Rebel Chic Jewelry
Designer: Tisha
Q: What makes your pieces so rebelliously chic?
Leather goods have always been associated with “rebellious” figures, cultures or lifestyles from Black Panther members, motorcycle riders, to the punk music scene. When designing jewelry I decided to take that rebellious persona of leather and fuse it with chic designs.

Q: We know that Rebel Chic jewelry is inspired by women who have influenced the world around us. Who are some of those women who have inspired the social messages behind Rebel Chic?
Rebel Chic’s inspiration comes from the strength of Korean Empress Myeonseong who fought against the Japanese invasion of Korea in the 19th century and was later raped and killed by the hands of Japanese soldiers as well as the strength of Harriet Tubman who risked her life on the fundamental belief that all God’s children should be free. My Aunt Mattie Eaddy who lived in Jim Crow south who saw her husband and son lynched but continued to persevere, love and nurture her family and surrounding community. My mother who brought her hopes and dreams from Korea as an immigrant and became an entrepreneur but always kept community service through her church her priority.

Q: Who are some of today’s fashion rebels that you would love to see in your pieces?
I would love to see M.I.A, Janet Jackson, Lily Allen and Yelle rock Rebel Chic. They all have great personal style and what can I say, Janet is an icon.

Q: It’s refreshing as a Rebel Chic customer to know you’re buying an environmental friendly product. Tell us why it was important for you to decide to use organic materials and reclaimed leather for your pieces? Global warming is freaking me out. I won’t pretend to be Ed Begley living a total eco-friendly life but why not incorporate a conscience method to running a business if it will benefit the environment in some way whether it’s using recycled paper in your printer or re-purposing leather to make jewelry.

Q: What part of the design process do you take the most pride in?
Crafting the jewelry itself. All pieces are handcrafted and trust me it can be tedious at times but to see the finish product and the expression of delight on my customer’s face makes the callused fingers worth it.

Q: So there’s “Red Kool-Ade”…”Purple Haze”…what’s the story on how you name your jewelry? Well, “Aunty Entity” is Tina Turner’s character from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and that’s where I got my design inspiration for my current introductory collection. As far as naming the colors, I picked the first words that came to mind while looking at the colors.


For more information on Rebel Chic Jewelry please visit www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5482833 or www.rebelchic.bigcartel.com

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