girlfriends.jpgSorry Clutchette’s it is looking like there will not be a proper finale for the long-running sitcom ‘Girlfriends.’ On February 12, 2007, Black Voices reported that the Kelsey Grammer-produced sitcom, which stars Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White and Reggie Hayes, was one of the first casualties following the end of the Writer’s Guild strike and that The CW had opted to cancel it without fulfilling its remaining nine episodes.

They have now learned that The CW made the cast members an offer to return for a “retrospective” episode that would feature recaps of the previous shows and cast members reflecting on those shows. The CW apparently only offered to pay the actors half of their episodic salary to shoot the makeshift finale, thus the stars collectively opted not to participate.

In addition, several people close to show stated that The CW refuses to honor the contracts of the principal cast members and does not intend to pay the actors for the nine episodes that will not be taped. Now the show stars have [allegedly] hired a litigator who will file a joint lawsuit on behalf of the talent, suing the network for the money they are due.

“The network told them point blank, ‘Sue us!’ After using this show to help build its name, The CW has turned their back on them and disrespected them in the most horrible way,” said someone associated with the show, who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

A rep for The CW was unaware of a pending lawsuit or the latest developments with the show’s finale. “To the best of our knowledge no lawsuits have been filed. Nor is there any new word on finale special,” said show publicist Paul McGuire via e-mail.

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  • Tasha

    This is what I’m upset about, CW is only an white network operation and they used Girlfriends to up there ratings. It is one of the main reasons why I do not support there shows instead of Girlfriends, they have the Pussycats show in which some of us do not care about. It is not like any of the girls are going to make it! What happened to the other girls, we do not even see the Pussycats dolls? They rather put a lot of white shows and take away black shows when they are doing well!

    I want Girlfriends to come back! That was on of my main reason to rush back home so that I can watch Girlfriends. However it is a White man world so to the cast of Girlfriends, you did a great job!

  • Ditto Gina .. ever since Toni Left My Man has even stopped watching it LOL. And “WE” have a network TV One Some of you my not get this in your state or city. But they only show out dated movies or horrible movies that “we” should have never done in the First place. They should have stayed together but they did not . The Friends and Seinfeld cast even went on stick when they would not increase each one of there paychecks they stood together and went out on TOP and PAID!

    Yes I’m on YMIB too Glennisha lol

  • Lish

    Girlfriends was a staple in the lives of black women who wanted to be portrayed as more then just a baby mama and a ride or chick. These women lived upscale lives not because of their fictional zip codes but because of the strength in their friendships. I just loved it because it showed a different side to black life instead of the same ol same…true to the game type story lines. The CW disrespected a quality show to put on the pussycat dolls, and gossip girls….I love the game but even their writing can be greatly improved.

  • Dui

    This goes to show you why it is vital that we control our own images. Something as progressive and honest as this show deserves a proper goodbye. I applaud the ladies for taking a stance!

  • Shaina

    I am very disappointed to hear this. As African American we truely lack our images in the media industry. It would have been nice to see the show go on. I guess we have to wait for the next big things. I enjoyed girlfriends, now I have to just stick to the GAME. Peace