Happy Earth Day!



Today is Earth Day and we wanted to share some tips so we can all do our part in keeping our Earth happy and healthy!

Call To Action:
“Call for Climate” Today, call your Senator or State Representative at 202-224-3121 to ask them to enact tough and fair climate change legislation. More information at www.ww2.earthday.net.

For more information on Earth Day and how you can help please visit www.earthday.gov

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  • It’s funny how everyone is so into the environment now.. Back in the late 50’s early 60’s-70’s They called these people CRAZY TREE HUGGERS! LOL Now everyone wants to pay attention and “Go Green”. We should have started this “movement” to take care of the environment long time ago. We have made a serious mess of things. Over indulgence! Even your lipstick, lip gloss, hair products, and the houses we live in have caused the environment a great deal of pain. Is this Go Green, Earth Day thing going to make a difference. Just like we Praise the Lord we need to Respect and take care of his Creation. Is it Too Late To Save the World?

    Great Tips thou .. I m just not feeling the whole Earth day and other “Day’s” for that matter everything has become so commercialized. How are you going to tell people to cut off their computers and you typing a BLOG ALL and ON EARTH DAY ?????? They Say Carpool then you end up sitting in traffic for 1-2 hours and fill the air with C02 emissions and you waste the gas you spent $3.51 a gallon for. Only to go fill up the next day or the same day for an gas purchasing aver. of $60.00 a day.

    How much C02 Emissions do you think the Huge Earth Day Concerts put out into the atmosphere here in Washington DC? Big Bangs Played Propane gas grills cooked food, People drove down instead of Walking or Biking. Come ON! EARTH DAY MANY PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS.

    The Chickens have come home to roast for this planet and it’s Microwave Society’s.
    And with that I’m turning off & Unplugging My Computer today and Unplugging everything in my home since I’m not there for 12-13 hours of the day anyway. THINK ABOUT IT!

    ( Not angry today just trying to put the nonsense to rest)