s-tiger-woods-large.jpgAt a campaign stop today, Sen. John McCain’s introductory speaker took a sharp and potentially sensitive swipe at Sen. Barack Obama, saying that McCain was “the real audacity of hope” and not just a political “Tiger Woods.”

Former Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, who introduced the Arizona senator at a Vets For Freedom rally, sought to contrast McCain’s “lifetime of service to our nation” against the lack of resolve of his political opponents. And while he never addressed Obama by name, he did offer this nugget.

“Rest assured,” he told the crowd, “that men like Senator McCain will be the goal and the men that my two young boys will emulate and admire. You can have your Tiger Woods, we’ve got Senator McCain.”

The line, first reported by NBC and Hotline, received a loud roar from the crowd and, standing behind and to the left of Bellavia, McCain let out an approving laugh. But considering the rate at which Tiger Woods is winning golf tournaments these days, McCain’s camp may be hoping the analogy doesn’t prove true.

And considering the pins-and-needles environment that is the current political landscape, the comment has the potential of being interpreted as racially divisive.

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  • Susan – you couldn’t be more wrong. It is very clear what he was trying to say. Out of all the people or athletes to mention – he chose to use Tiger Woods – seriously – we are not that stupid. And what does a medal have to do with anything. We are grateful for him volunteering to serve, but there are many undercover racist or people who have those type of racist attitudes in the military, church and everywhere else. And I am pretty sure they have won a medal too.

    How could he not know that statement was going to received in that way – in this election everything anyone says in looked at very closely and he should of knew that that comment could be recieve that way.

    Unfortunately, for David this was his first time being introduce to many of African Americans and Black people all over the world. I hope he doesn’t try to run for the President in the future cause the possibility of him winning is slim to none.

    Tell you pal Dave to hire a speech writer next time or run it past his buddies before he introduces somebody.