14947147clutchmag314200833032pm.jpgMore dazzling than any bling, the mega-kilowatt smile flashed on runways and red carpets is the specialty of Hollywood celebrity dentist Michael Kosdon, who transforms ordinary smiles into extraordinary ones. “The difference between bright, white camera-ready smiles and simply adequate smiles are really easy to spot, especially in this era when high-def images capture every flaw,” says Dr. Kosdon from his Oaks Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

But perhaps it took the trained eye of Dr. Kosdon, one of Southern California’s premiere cosmetic dentists, to notice that the stunning Katherine Heigl looks even sexier now that she’s straightening her once crooked teeth. Or that Hillary Duff had her too-big veneers replaced with ones more suitable for her face. And maybe that Hillary Swank has realized that her pearly whites overwhelmed the rest of her chiseled bone structure.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, we spend close to $3 billion a year on dental makeover procedures like whitening and veneers. “We’re so much more of a media savvy society,” asserts Dr. Kosdon, who recently polished up the irresistible smiles of Jason Priestley, pop star Aaron Carter and Playmates Rebekka Armstrong and Miriam Gonzalez. “Every actor and actress has had cosmetic dental work done. Everyone wants that ‘celebrity smile.’ People want to stay young and look young.”

Q: What do people spend nowadays on dental procedures and why? People spend anywhere from $500 for a laser teeth whitening to $1500 per tooth for porcelain veneers.

Q: Why are you a pioneer in this new concept of a spa-like experience in the dentist’s office?
I really want to make going to the dentist an enjoyable and memorable experience. I want people to look forward to their next appointment. If patients get pampered and massaged while having their teeth done, they will be more relaxed and actually have a pleasant time!

Q: What makes the following celebrities’ smiles either outstanding or subpar? Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Kerry Washington, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams, Rihanna? Who do you think has had work? And who do you think needs it?
Denzel; Nice Veneers and smile. Used to have a big gap between his front teeth. Needs to whiten or veneer his lower teeth.
Will Smith; very genuine smile natural teeth, looks like he hasn’t had any work done, maybe whitening.
Kerry Washington; Very nice smile looks like no work has been done.
Queen Latifah; Doesn’t look like she has had any dental work done, very natural sincere smile.
Vanessa Williams; Looks like she has veneers or crowns, teeth look like chicklets or fake.
Rihanna; Nice teeth and smile, looks good and natural.

Q: How do you custom tailor peoples’ smiles to the rest of their face?
When we do smile make overs, we custom tailor each smile to fit ones face. We take in consideration eye color and skin tone, and overall facial shape and length. Every smile must be harmonious balanced to fit the individual.

Q: What kind of work would you do for someone who isn’t happy with her smile?
If someone is unhappy with their smile, the first thing I would do is ask and listen to them to find out what they don’t like. If they are unhappy with the shape and color of their teeth I would recommend a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. This can be done in two short appointments and can dramatically improve ones self esteem and appearance.

For more information on Dr. Kodson please visit www.modernsmiles.com

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