physiocauticals-pic2.jpgIt’s the middle of April and I am feeling stuck between happy and sad. I mean Winter is over but, Summer is not here yet. I don’t have to wear a heavy coat but I can’t wear a dress. No boots but no strappy heels. I just need the weather to make up it’s mind. I figure I have about 4 more weeks of crazy weather before the official warm up happens. Happy sunny days ahead!

I know I am not the only one in a so-so mood right now. So it’s time for another fabulous reader giveaway. Clutch and Esente Physioceuticals have teamed up to give you something that will surely bring a smile to your face. We are offering one reader a chance to win an assortment of products from their skincare line!

Esente redefines the rules of skincare by addressing the skin’s health as opposed to providing a cosmetic quick-fix. Their line reflects the fact that they focus on healthy skin by including products that inundate the skin tissue with innovative pharmaceutical grade ingredients, ocean derived Oligo elements, peptides, phytochemicals and natural skin molecules. Truly transforming skin and leaving it in a pure and healthy state.

Sound better then a hot summer day? To enter to win all you have to do is email your name and email address to [email protected] by 5 p.m. this Friday. I will randomly select one winner from the emails received.

In the meantime feel free to check out some of their fabulous products at esente.com.

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