This staple is a no-brainer and we know some of you are wondering why we decided to even cover sunglasses as a staple when sunglasses are and will always be a staple for pretty much every season of the year. Well Ladies, we just wanted to make sure you knew what styles to be checking for while at H&M, Target, Topshop, F21 and so on.

The summer 2008 styles all have the expected repeats from pass seasons such as Aviators, Oversized, Wayfarer, Round, Neon and Cat-Eye, but with the help of Ms. Badu, Kelis, Mr. West and others the Goggle, Flat Top Visor, T-Bar, Heart Shaped and yes … Shutter frames will be showing up on lots of faces this summer.

Luckily, sunglasses are one of the most inexpensive accessories to get your hands on, unless of course you are a designer frame sporting fashionista who refuses to rock a perfectly fly pair of affordable sunglasses. Like earrings, sunglasses can be lost very easily, so you might want to buy a designer inspired pair before you put up $250 from your stimulus check to get those new pair of Chloe sunglasses.

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  • Shantel

    So fresh.

  • Love them all, great selection

  • Aja

    My one summer weakness…sunglasses…

    Thank you for posting this great selection of shades! A lot of magazines would focus on the $250+ pairs alone. Glad to know that Clutch understands that women can be fly while also being practical!

  • I really can’t see the appeal of shutter shades. I don’t even think they look funny enough to be cool, they just look ridiculous. Do they even have lenses?