moneytherapist_print.jpgAccording to Dr. Elizabeth Warren, head of Harvard’s Consumer Bankruptcy Project, more women file for bankruptcy than graduate from college, suffer heart attacks or are diagnosed with cancer. But Marcia Brixey, author of the new guide The Money Therapist (Seal Press / April 2008 / $15.95) asserts that women who are experiencing money malfunctions can still get out of debt, create a budget, and save money—beginning today.

“Many women have either avoided, or been left out of financial planning and investment decisions.” says Brixey. “The reality is that approximately 50% of first marriages end in divorce—plus women live longer than men—so at some point women are likely to be solely responsible for their own financial security.” She notes that women face additional gender-specific economic issues:

The founder of Money Wi$e Women Educational Services, a non-profit organization that hosts money management conferences for women, Brixey was compelled by her experiences as an educator and seminar leader to create an inclusive guide that would help women overcome obstacles and fix their financial woes.

The Money Therapist addresses everything from organizing financial records and getting out of credit card debt to safeguarding against identity theft and taking advantage of interest through automatic deductions. In addition to Brixey’s step-by-step advice, the book contains anecdotes from dozens of women who contributed their own wisdom. With empathy and authority, the author shares many ways women can get their financial house in order by incorporating important action steps such as learning the language of money, determining financial goals, organizing finances and getting real about spending.

With The Money Therapist already garnering praise, I hope you will want to run an excerpt or review to help women prepare for a healthy financial future.

Marcia Brixey is passionate about educating and empowering women to achieve financial fitness. She is the founder and president of Money Wi$e Women Educational Services, a non-profit organization that hosts Money Wi$e Women Forums, and has been the featured speaker at numerous conferences and meetings throughout the country. Marcia has been interviewed on many TV and radio programs, and is a regular guest on KING TV Morning News (Seattle, NBC affiliate) and Q13 Morning News (Seattle, FOX TV). Before founding Money Wi$e, Marcia was a columnist for the Kitsap Sun, and also served as a district manager, supervisor, and public relations specialist for the Social Security Administration. Marcia lives in Silverdale, Washington.

For more information, visit her at: www.moneywisewomen.net and www.marciabrixey.com

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