dailyphoto080601.jpgLathan Narrates Skin Color Documentary
Skin is amazing: it covers our body, and reveals our soul. For many, skin is a symbol of pride, for others it’s a canvas to tell a story — and for almost all it represents a heritage to be honored. Skin means something different to almost everyone you ask. Vaseline(R) Cocoa Butter traveled the globe asking people “what does your skin mean to you?” and compiled responses in a short film, Vaseline Skin Stories, that finds while continents may divide us, the experience of skin unites us. The film, narrated by Tony Award-nominated actress Sanaa Lathan, premieres at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 4, 2008. (Continue Reading…)

Obama May Drive Record Black Turnout in House Races
In 2006, Ohio Republican Representative Steve Chabot barely survived the electoral drag of the Iraq War, congressional scandals and an unpopular president. Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy this year may deliver a knockout blow. More than a quarter of the voters in Chabot’s Cincinnati district are black, the highest concentration for any incumbent House Republican in a competitive race this fall. Obama’s likely spot at the top of the Democratic ticket may fuel a surge in turnout among black voters that could help the party pick up a half-dozen new House seats. There has already been record turnout of black voters in this year’s primary contests. The Obama campaign and political experts expect that trend to continue in the fall, imperiling incumbents in Republican-held House districts that have a double- digit black vote. (Continue Reading…)

Zimbabwe Army: Vote for Mugabe or Quit
A top Zimbabwe army general called on the nation’s soldiers to vote for Robert Mugabe in a presidential runoff or quit the military, the official media reported Saturday. Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Martin Chedondo told troops at a target-shooting competition to leave the military if they did not support Mugabe, the state Herald newspaper reported. “Soldiers are not apolitical. Only mercenaries are apolitical. We have signed up and agreed to fight and protect the ruling party’s principles of defending the revolution. If you have other thoughts, then you should remove that uniform,” he was quoted as saying. (Continue Reading…)

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