dailyphoto080605.jpgJohnson is Giving Older Models a Shot
The average modeling career is launched at 16, but if TV Land has anything to do with it, 35 is the new 16. The nostalgia channel is in the game of original programming, leading with the new show “She’s Got the Look,” which features beautiful women vying for a modeling crown. The twist is – all of the contenders are over 35 years of age. “She’s Got the Look” premieres tonight with the auditions whittling down to the final contestants with the help of the judging trio of modeling masters being Wilhelmina Models, Inc. President Sean Patterson, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, and over-35 beauty supermodel Beverly Johnson, who let EUR’s Lee Bailey in on details about the new show. (Continue Reading…)

Relatives: Alleged R. Kelly victim isn’t in video
A sex tape that prosecutors say shows R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl has sharply divided the alleged victim’s family into those who think it’s her and those who don’t, a relative told jurors. When prosecutors asked Leroy Edwards Jr. during cross-examination whether the family “has pretty much split in half as a result of this incident,” he answered softly, “Yes. (Continue Reading…)

TD Jakes: Obama Win Gives ‘Goose Bumps’
Last night, I like most Americans of all stripes, watched with visible goose bumps as history was made. I sat with my 13-year-old son and looked from the screen to his eyes as Sen. Barack Obama became the first African American in history to lead a U.S. major-party ticket when he claimed the nomination for the Democratic Party for president of the United States. I congratulate Sen. Obama on this historic accomplishment. I thank him for accepting the torch that was lit by our forefathers and proudly carrying it through the darkness of our struggles, trials and tribulations, bringing light and hope to a new generation, and for facing all those who said “No” and “You can’t win,” or “It will never happen,” and firmly, proudly, defiantly saying, “Yes I can!” (Continue Reading…)

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